Let's have a discussion about how we feel about the new lore


Let’s talk about this. I’ve seen a lot of people opposed to the addition of the adaptation-variation lore, and I’ve seen a lot of people for it. Personally? I have no issue with it! It adds A LOT more depth to Evolve, and I love that. Evolve is one of my most favoritest games ever, and I’m glad it’s story is progressing. However, some people don’t seem to like the way this additional story is being told.

SO! Here’s a friendly discussion thread where we can talk about our different beliefs and come to an understanding of each other on the basis of the new adaptation lore that was given out. This is a peaceful discussion thread. Please be tolerant of other’s viewpoints, and don’t act like a dick. Thanks.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check here!


More lore = more content. More content = happy players (most of the time).


You are dick.

if OP can use it I can too.

Lore was already in ‘bad’ place because of dropship.
Cloning and alternate dimensions makes only more sense for lore than less

so I r8 8/8

MedusaOptometrist is our lord and savior with his new machimeme lore videos.