Lets give inspiration for a Tier 6/Adaptations to help out TRS!


TRS is the BEST content creators there can ever be!
They have provided endless content with amazing hunters and free adaptations and Maps!

I think, since they came up with all the tiers so far with their amazing creative minds, I think we give back!

We shall create our tier 6 and maybe help them out :smile:

We come up with ideas, and possibly put them together and make an extravagant team of hunters and a gruesome monster!

TRS helped us, now We help Them!

EDIT: Well due to legal reasons, they can’t view these suggestions but feel free to put your lovely suggestions lol

Please leave your ideas below for hunters and or monster!

Tier 6 Trapper Idea! (Jake)
Assault with a drill
Thesis about a 6th monster
Possibilities for Monsters
What do you guys think of this as a new monster?
Idea for new trapper
6th monster wanted
Tier 6 Set
Ideas for tier 6

I would love to do this but for legal reasons they can only except formal suggestions if everyone involved agrees to a legal document that TRS has all and full rights to our ideas, otherwise they can’t even look at them. It’s explained here:


Due to legalities they wouldn’t be able to enter, say they entered, or pulled ideas from this topic. We’ve already tried to submit a monster to them but legal says they are not allowed to accept such things sadly.


I is neenja! lol :wink:


But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t suggest, I just don’t want people to feel sad/bad if they don’t reply/respond :relaxed:


Assault :assault:
Name: Tim aka Tank

  • Shell Shooter: Shoots 7 tank shells from his left arm. The more shells hit, the more damage consecutive.
  • Rocket Pod: Fires 7 missiles from his right arm, all at once. Does insane damage with a long reload.
  • Mobility Boost: Activates to give him extra speed. He moves slower than other characters
  • Personal Shield


Can i keep the topic?


Sure, I’m not closing it :slight_smile:


Damn legal reason lol. Thx :smile:


Wait, I’m confused. TRS can’t use our suggestions for legal reasons?! Aw man! Still making suggestions to feel helpful!


Ah THANK YOU! So kind

IKR, ugh laws


It’s still possible, they just couldn’t take raw ideas. Everything would have to be done by voting and completely anonymously.


Trapper for Tier 6
Name: Up for suggestion by others :smile:

  1. Crossbow: fires an arrow from crossbow that will emit a gas that will slow monsters in radius for 55%. Monsters hit will be slowed by 75% rather than 55%
  2. Sound Amplifier: (got this from a TRS video!) small device that amplifies any sound from 150 meters away. Once noises that came from monsters are picked up, monsters will be highlighted for 6 seconds.
  3. Hypnosis Ray: aim this at any wildlife or wildlife group to hypnotize it so it will fight for you! Wildlife affected do additional damage and will die and decay instantly after a short while
    Mobile Arena: Deploy dome, but with a twist! when deployed, the edges of the dome are covered in deadly toxin that damages monsters that get to close!

Well, what do you think? It any good?


It’s not really laws, the terms and conditions of using this forum mean that they can use the content posted here without license (more specifically that by posting it here we give them license).

But they also explicitly state that they don’t take submissions for content ideas, no doubt to just avoid the mess that comes with people not understanding that they would have no legal rights but still try and bring litigation anyway.

But legally speaking TRS already have the rights to use whatever is posted in this thread without worry :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, if i gift em a monster concept, they have to accept since it’s my personal gift to them!
Juking legal u.u



Tier 6 Assualt

Name: Torvald
Ability: Shrapnel Gernade-Adds weak points to the monster in the area you hit him in.
Primary weapon: Autofire Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Mortars
Assualt Shield

Guys, I promise this will be the coolest character in the game.


The kraith idea is stuck in my head a hybrid of wraith and kraken. Mixture of range and close combat. Picture it wraith abduct plus a small field of shock once pulled back. (abuction+aftershock basically) warp mine ( teleporting mine)…Forget it just give this to variant wraith XD. Flying monster
1.quill shot (like mortars)
2. quaking miner ( a living like quil based monster shoots quills till it runs out) may have to think of another idea
3. orbiting quill (quills orbit around the monster and can be destroyed but as soon as the max number of quills are met you can shoot them in the direction of the hunters the aim in their location and fire away)
4.Quill seeker (attaches to hunter and allows quills to easily go for that hunter)
its the best thing I could think of at the moment…(was comment #12 took so long XD)


why cant they just update the TOS for the boards so that they own all content and ideas discussed in suggestions.


just hope for a torvald variant and hope he has legs with pants


Or perhaps he has his body back so he can know the touch of a man :wink: