Let's give EVOLVE and Turtlerock a chance guys


ok. 1st my english suck and i know it.
we all know that this game got bashed from community due to poor publishing really hard, and it has very low score from steam community. this show how bad marketing effect the game.most of those negative score came from anti overprice DLC ppl which play less than 2 hr and then refund the game, and+ 100 hr player who really love the game but didnt recommend the game because low player base, also the hater that didnt even try this game once.

But the dev aint abandon this game, they also gave us F2P and stage 2 which fix may thing that ppl complain in vanilla (trapper fix,ETC). now dev have to redeem themself from those 1st stage negative. we can do this guy let’s pray for Dev on 2nd stage.

from die hard fanboy. love ya dev.