Let's gather all possible teases about upcoming adaptations!


Here I will post each tease included in the dropship conversations. Remember how Hyde talked about strapping a flamethrower to Daisy’s back? Now we got Wasteland Maggie!

The list will be updated with each reported/found tease.

Here’s what we can expect based on the dropship conversations:

Apprentice Sunny:

[details=Summary]In one of the Sunny-Lennox conversations, the girl is in awe of the Thunderchild and asks how much time did Ida need to build it. Lennox replied not only with the time period (three days, fyi), but also asked Sunny if she wanted to learn how to build a suit like that.

So… Sunny inside a battle suit. Seeing how devs once talked about splitting Sunny’s Booster and Drone between her and her adaptation, I’d say this one, as the naturally “heavier” version would get the drone, leaving original Sunny as the more offensive/mobile version.[/details]

??? Lazarus:

[details=Summary]In one conversation, Abe suggests Lazarus gets a med-gun. Lazarus isn’t exactly inclined to use it and mentions that a Lazarus Man can’t abandon his glove (for reasons “you wouldn’t want to hear”). But hey, Maggie was against putting a flamethrower on Daisy too, wasn’t she?

In another conversation, Torvald mentions a Lazarus Man that failed to save himself and Torvald’s team. Laz says that he will “prove to be better man”. This is kinda farfetched, but perhaps the next Lazarus variations will be able to “save himself” better? Perhaps the glove will work on him as well?[/details]

Celestial Bucket:


Abe offers Bucket to use a Celestial model chassis instead of his old one. Also, IIRC the devs mentioned that the first letter of Bucket’s variation will be “C”, so it’s more likely than not.

Are these “summary” things not working properly for anybody else? They seemed to work fine in the post preview.


I remember the devs saying how they were considering splitting Sunny’s drone and her jetpack booster between the her and her variation.