Let's Figure Out How to Fix Bucket


Supports are far from a balanced class. However, sunny and hank may be favored, but a good team can make Cabot and Kala viable. Bucket is an enigma. I fudging love bucket. However, he is totally unusable against a good monster. I think it’s time we put together some specific fixes to make bucket viable, because he’s the greatest robot ever (sorry EMET). I’d suggest fire damage on his launcher and stasis via turrets. I’d like to hear other suggestions to make him viable.


Give him 2x the snide remarks.


Bucket is pretty balanced right now.

He’s just getting overshadowed by the safety first comps.

Soon Bucket, soon… :bucket_cute:


[quote=“KomodoLover, post:3, topic:83132”]
Bucket is pretty balanced right now.
[/quote]Considering that right now you’ve got to play him counter to the way he was intended to be played if you want his turrets to contribute much of anything to a team, Bucket doesn’t resemble anything close to balanced.


What’s balanced about being much worse than the other supports.


Increase his turrets to 4. Increase either the capacity or damage for his missiles, but not both, and decrease the reload time.


Not exactly sure what you’re saying, but I’ll give it a shot. You have to position his turrets in perfect spots, punish a Monster for camping, etcetera.

That’s not called balance. :wink:

He could use a tad damage buff. That’s about it, otherwise, pretty balanced Imo.


[quote=“KomodoLover, post:7, topic:83132”]
Not exactly sure what you’re saying, but I’ll give it a shot. You have to position his turrets in perfect spots, punish a Monster for camping, etcetera.
[/quote]Their current “perfect spot” is being thrown about 10m away from the monster so that their poor accuracy actually lets them hit it. Bucket’s not currently good at area of denial because of accuracy on his turrets is so bad that actually trying to play him as such means they’ll often contribute nothing to the team.


Their accuracy seems fine to me.


I personally feel like his UAV should give a slight accuracy/auto aim bonus on a tracked Monster.


Well, bullet spread. If you’ve ever seen them in action when the monster is more than 10m away from them you’ll notice that you get a whole lot of naff all from them. The bullet spread of his turrets needs reducing before the damage is looked at. The damage won’t mean anything if the turrets still can’t hit worth a damn.


Again, their accuracy, bullet spread, or whatever you want to call it is fine and balanced Imo.


Give his turrets slightly better damage, like 1.2x but reduce their range by about 10m and increase throw range to 15m.
Decrease health to 60 and decrease set up time to 2 sec.
Increase turret reload time by 75%.

This would let Bucket be more reactionary and let him set up a lot faster. The decreased health and decreased number of turrets would let monsters take out turrets easily when they need to but Bucket, doing his job, could also easily replace turrets, but it would delay the barrage of the GML.


Give his turrets a little bit more health and give them an increase on accuracy! Not sure what their accuracy is right now but I would take accuracy buff over a damage one.


Heat seeking missiles


Not sure I agree with this. I mean yes safety comps will always win out in the end, but I feel even if I just want to go for damage I won’t take bucket. I would take Cabot, and Kala before Bucket. Bucket is a scary pick almost all on the fear that the monster takes Kraken.


Bucket should be all about Area control and denial.

It would be his Niche.


I would recommend giving him a MUCH larger range on the deploy, like a shootable grenade or projectile. It can launch and shoot from his chest. Bucket should be able to see the battlefield from high-up if hes going to be about area denial, and increasing the range on the deploy would encourage so.

Keep the turrets on a charge system like Kraken’s mines. He can carry a max of 5 and deploy 5. A sentry takes X seconds to recharge. This would make Bucket think smartly about how he positions and where he deploys his sentries, but Bucket can deploy them as fast as Kala shoots her missiles.

Give Sentries a slight damage reduction towards High-AoE abilities such as Acid Pool, Lava bomb, Aftershock, and maybe Meaty in general.

Decrease spread on the bullets but shorten their range slightly. This will encourage better positioning of the sentries on Bucket’s part and effectively allow him to create a real “nope” zone for the monster.

Bucket should work together with the Trapper to put a real hurting on the monster. He should be the literal definition of “Best defense is a good Offense”, and his strength of area denial be thoroughly buffed, so his weakness of having no true way to defend his team can be covered.

Missile Launcher

Completely reworked. Now that Bucket can set up a defensive sentry area quite fast, Bucket’s missile damage has been reduced and rate of fire has gone down as well. However, The missiles now have an added mechanic to them. Bucket’s missiles now have a signal that emits to the Sentries when it hits a foe, causing Turrets currently firing to emit a burst of Electrified bullets that place a very short Stasis on the monster, to enhance and clearly define Bucket’s “Nope zone”


Bucket is going to still be all about Area control, even with his UAV. When deployed, Bucket now follows the closest Hunter when he is not in combat. While in Combat with the Monster, Bucket will remain where he is.
When Bucket has tracked the monster, Sentries will slowly pursue the monster and follow wherever the tracker goes. It has to be slow, however, about as slow as a monster under stasis. Bucket’s Nope-Zone should be a moving entity that will crawl after the monster, to further enhance his area-denial niche. They will even ascend to follow a Kraken.

Thats my take on Bucket.

Heh. Sorry if he’s OP.

I love making kits.


Bucket is ok for me, I use him in ranked. I just need a compass in UAV mode.


I adore Bucket, and main him as support - he does need the tiniest of buffs. I’ve seen this suggested before so I’ll suggest it here again;

Make it useful in combat by giving turrets 2x damage or accuracy on a tagged monster (preferably accuracy because IRL the turrets could track the dart in the monster), and maybe let the UAV crash into the Monster for a small amount of damage (equal to one GML rocket) after a successful tag. Speed and fluidity of controls could use tweaks. Currently feels like I’m flying a megamouth with a jetpack strapped to its ass.

#Sentry Guns
SMALL buff to accuracy and range of maybe 5-15 meters - for Shear’s sake, they’re robots and would have better accuracy than a sleep deprived two-year old with a BB gun.

I don’t know why people are still asking for tweaks after we got a major overhaul that finally made it feel like a rocket launcher instead of a laser-guided dynamite slingshot a-la Angry Birds. Should I suggest anything, a slight buff to damage could be nice. Or, like the ending evac scene where Bucket inexplicably uses his pistol instead of his GML on the monsters, give it an alternate fire mode that allows pistol fire while reloading to keep damage up


Bucket took a big hit when his turrets got nerfed from 5 to 3 and they didn’t even compensate him properly for it.

If the amount of sentries stay the same it needs a serious buff in stats. The UAV honestly needs some sort of function in a battle and a function that can be used quickly, right now the UAV is just a tracking tool outside of dome fights.