Let's Cast Looking for Casters


Let’s Cast are looking for a Caster for Evolve. They posted an advert for this on the Evolve Subreddit.



You do not have to speak German for this opening, either German or English.

More Info on who Let’s Cast are can be found here.



Oh boy, thats sounds like fun!


My god, I’m the perfect match I love evolve, speak English and German fluently but I don’t do voice chat, fml. :weary:


Then you’re not the perfect match.


Oh, if anyone was not aware, this is for PC.




Feeling very blunt today


Yes I can see! :smiley:


Ouch…Does anyone smell smoke? Someone got burned.


If I would be able to do nice commentary I would apply for it. But I rather watch than talk in German or English. Let’s see how it works out