Lets be real


Come on, don’t tell me he is OP because he’s not ! every monster can be OP if you know how to freaking play.

Now with that being said, they can’t nerf kraken anymore because that would kill em, you have to take new players and new monster players under consideration not cry about kraken because you got beat up by someone who invested a lot of time playing as him.

My advise facing the kraken ? split up so you don’t let him use one special on more than one person


Kraken fan detected.


This thread is already kraken me up :stuck_out_tongue:


You obviously only use kraken. Let’s see here I’ll just start with the fact that he flys and can’t be brought down till he feels like it. Assault can only use the ranged weapons instead of cycling because he loves his life in the air. Also no trapper ability helps contain him… Like at all… Ever. Everyone knows kraken is OP


Aah, everyone whose seen my stream last night and the video on youtube knows my “love” for Kraken.


“Suck my lightning dick!” -ToiletWraith, 2015


I was a little more than angry that night, not only because of Kraken T_T


Everyone except the telemetry



Hyde left you?


Okay, I seriously lost my shit when you said, “I wish we were recording this match.”

“I am recording this match!”


Nah it was a bad day for me in general


I’m dying :joy:
The song in the background goes too well with it >.<

Also, to Madame Wraith


My brother has a knack for fitting music. XD


You’re brother is epic >.<

Give him this cookie :cookie: O.O

Edit: You’re epic too.
Edit #2: You can also have a cookie :cookie: >.<


Kraken does need some nerfs, but not a drastic one. I play monster and hunter. I play kraken and goliath. Not saying this out of bias.

Some things need a nerf, others need a buff.

braces for inevitable “lol stop trollin” replies

And agree with @kai. That vid was awesome, especially the music. @toiletwraith just let it all out in that match. All of life’s frustrations channeled into small nuclear projectiles.


Even that doesn’t really stop him. It can hold an aftershock but that’s it. When he’s in the air you have to do some crazy angling to stop him, and if he changes directions you have to find a new angle all over again


I mainly mean that the balance telemetry has taken under 50% win loss ratio… to the best of my knowledge

Also I’ve seen more weakens on the ground since 2.0 than I have ever seen in the life cycle of this game… especially with jack being able to push him right to the ground with some skill… your right kraken can get,back up pretty quickly… But why should u expect that he’s gonna come down if CC isn’t being applied correctly, he’s the aerial monster anyways

Monsters shouldn’t become easier to account for hunter team skill gaps

Kraken and behemoth both require different play styles with an emphasis on maintaining separation


How come I barely ever win as Goliath wraith bob, but the second I pick up kraken I wreck face consistently?


Cuz most pubs suck against kraken. It requires more teamwork and communication to beat.


And that’s the weirdest thing- Kraken is 3rd best winrate according to telemetry by MacMan.