Let's be real for a moment, devs

When I was growing up in South Carolina there was talk of a lizard man. Apparently someone shot him one day (I felt kind of bad for him) and the investigators analyzed the blood from the scene of the crime, and found it to be fish blood. I was super bummed. Really wanted there to be a lizard man.


I’m confident that the next monster will be named.

“Rayth” because “Wraith” is way too obvious.

Ooooh, here it is:


I remember a case not long ago where a lady was purportedly terrorized by a lizard-man who chewed up her bumper. The pictures weren’t exactly super convincing, but I’m not sure if it was ever ruled out objectively. Ya never know.

That’s a fucking sleestak, yo.


I was especially bummed in my limnology class in college (limnology being the study of lake ecosystems) when we estimated the amount of fish living in Loch Ness and using some common figures given for the size of Nessie determined that there wasn’t enough food in the lake for more than a couple of lake monsters at any given time unless they had radically different biology from any known vertebrate, or unless there was some sort of underwater magic portal leading to other lakes. Since genetically this would mean that the population would quickly become horribly inbred and almost certainly die out in a few generations, that pretty much ruled out any possibility of Nessie being real.
Science is ultra awesome but occasionally it’s a bummer.


Nah, man, that’s the Swamp Thing.


I’ve got a Giant-sized Man-Thing.


I remember a tv show about Nessie in which they asked some experts if it was possible that Nessie was really one of a population of ichthyosaurs who survived the last ice age in the loch.

The dude says “Well, in order to maintain a stable genetic population over several thousand years you’d need about 15 ichthyosaurs.” Then there was this great beat as he let this sink in, and said “We would know if there were 15 ichthyosaurs in Loch Ness.”

Like “you would know if there was a T. Rex sitting on the sofa with you.”


There’s nothing wrong with being well-endowed, but you don’t have to be so forward about it.

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I never got the opportunity to see the “leaks”, but with how quickly I heard they were taken down, I’d say there is likely some relevancy to them.

Oooh, I remember watching the Swamp Thing as a kid. Was that a movie or a tv series? It was kind of scary back then.

Also the original Blob movie scared the hell out of me when I was kid. It could come through a vent or under your door. Can’t hide from the blob. Whoa, Steve McQueen was in it. :open_mouth:



And thus young Chris, with his fascination with this lizard man, devoted his time to creating one. The first step was a video game, the last step will be an army of them so that he can take over the world!


Yeah, come to think about it, I got scared by a lot of monster movies as a kid. I stayed the summer with my Dad once and he let me watch John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” That spider head was soooooo scary.

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Also, if you haven’t see the Host, you’re missing out!



It was definitely a movie, possibly. Sounds about right.
The Host is one of my very favorite foreign movies!

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3rd and 4th monster confirmed


Wouldn’t that be funny if we had a friendly monster. You select them in the selection screen and they wave at you. “Hi!”


I know enough about hentai to know where this is going…