Let's be real for a moment, devs


So I guess this can be taken as an experiment, because if the same thing happens to this thread as have others, it still sends a message.

Devs, I ask for some information regarding the leaked images of the “Wraith” monster which has surfaced a few times on Facebook and Reddit. It’s a white, slim, insectoid yet pale and fleshy-looking in the picture. You know the one. Is this a Photoshop dupe, or is there some level of truth to the image? Pretty much all potential information I can find has been pulled down.

So. What’s the deal?



i can see the resemblance!!! thanks for leak!


I think that response sums it all up perfectly :slight_smile:


And here I was expecting information lmao



There was plenty of information that can be derived by the response you received. My advice is to just wait a week or two and the third monster will be revealed. Just be patient :slight_smile:


Actually, @SlabOMeat, would you happen to know if there is a set reveal date for the third monster? If so, might you impart that info?


seems like too much fun to not join it :stuck_out_tongue:


wait… @SlabOMeat you’re saying the hunters will have to fight nessy? Hope Markov brings his floaties!


Funnily enough, that’s not too different from how the monster looked.



Can’t remember the exact day we’re announcing monster #3, but it’s not far off.

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Well apparently it is a Louisiana native then :stuck_out_tongue:


I heard the day you guys are announcing the 3rd monster is November 24th…Oh man better get on that!


is that a husk from Mass Effect?

it seems so familiar but i cant place it!




I certainly appreciate any exposure His Holy Sauciness may receive, but I fail to see how he relates to the subject.


His Savoriness does as he pleases.


Ramen, brother. Ramen.