Let us hunt together [PS4]


So after a long long hiatus, I’m finally coming back into the game. I know I’ve added some people before but I also know there are new forum members. So, if you’re on ps4 and want to play let’s get it!


Welcome back to the game. When was the last time that you played the game?


Thanks haha. I’ve been playing, just have stepped away from going online that’s all. So that was the hiatus, I could never truly walk away! :slight_smile:

Edit: nice artwork by the way!


I’m always looking for people to play with.

My psn is Sentenzioso


You know me Kappa


Wait, who are you??


I dont even know man.


Damn…nah, I did look for you online last night between like 11:30-3AM haha. You weren’t on tho


Bump bump.


I’m always looking for more people to add. Psn: Fe-XY-


PSN xshreder, Bronze Destroyer (going down swiftly after the patch lol). I play anything, but prefer Assault/Support


SIR10IN its hip baby wassup