Let us enjoy the brokeness of the new hunters until they get fix. Hide your Abes Hide your Daddies


#Hashtag OPplznerf

Hopefully they will be fun for both sides soon.

Crow can be a pain sure, but I mean we lived with Abe and he barely got any tweaks from his launch.

Moral of the story. Don’t play monster with them. ever.


What’s wrong with Abe?


Wondering the same. O.o

Abe feels fine for me. He has weak early game, good mid/late game.


I think he meant the new t4 hunters.


Hide your Torvalds, hide your Slims, cause they nerfing everybody 'round here!



Sincerely, wat.

…Even though I’m starting to supect nerfs coming Trovald’s way.


Slims not OP, just extremely annoying. like the fly from that Mr Bean short.


I hated Slim at first, but my medic learned to use him and now he’s deadly. If anything, I feel they might give him a small damage nerf. He’s like a mini assault that can heal.


A damage heal will be welcome since he can recharge his health burst pretty good.


Do you see them coming soon ?


Slim doesn’t need a nerf because of how pathetically small his heal burst is and and how slow his bug heals over time. Heck you have to be good with task management just to use it mid battle to heal out of fight hunters. Slim is probably the only balanced one of the bunch. He needs the damage to counteract the fact he can’t heal consistently against a competent Stage 2.

He is designed to be up close and personal, so unless you increase his healing burst to heal two squares instead of one by dropping his damage output then I can’t see how to justify it. He is really easy to kill as Goliath and Kraken.


I think Slim is quite fine - I’d even argue Slim may need a small buff. Slim is the weakest out of the 4 new hunters I feel. As for being the most balanced of the bunch, I think the award goes to Crow.


I feel Crow is the most balance out of all of them, sure he can spam GOBI. But Abe could spam Pokeballs and we manage to lived with it.

He is really easy to kill as Goliath and Kraken.

Mind sharing tactics? I can’t even manage to break him from Sunny’s LOS. Everytime I try I he gets boost or shielded. If I go after Sunny she will cloak in a spore cloud.

I try to pick my areas carefully but I can’t fully execute a tactic with these two.


A lot of people seem to ignore Sunny’s shield drone. The thing about it is that it requires a long load time (longer than Markov’s mines actually) so if you use that to your advantage and burn it down, or leap smash it then she has to waste mini nuke time deploying another one.

With Slim you want to be packing Charge to push him away from Sunny’s drone as while he can handle himself in a group he gets destroyed very quickly by himself. What is awesome is that hunters know they need to stay near the drone to survive, so if you are about to be domed try and bring them in a obstacle filled area at Stage 2 that way you have to bait them away from the drone if they want to damage you.

Remember that once you get Stage 3 the drone is mush, so it is up to them to adapt to you staying away from their drone range.

The funny thing about Evolve is that a lot of players suck at hunter multi-tasking, so if you hide away Sunny players will be too focused about trying to damage you and will forget about drone placement for a bit until you focus on someone. That is when you deploy Charge again and push your targets away because remember she will need to reposition, redploy and let the drone recharge.

Slim doesn’t require much tactics because again his heal burst is abysmal at self sustaining.


Slim: I’m fine with.
Sunny: I think her Mini Nuke does a bit too much damage and her Jetpack Booster is a bit insane lol
Torvald: I think his mortars do a bit too much damage but they aren’t that hard to dodge, so, oh well lol
Crow: I think Gobi needs like a 2-4 Cooldown on him for when he returns to Crows arm but that’s just me.


Her Nuke is fine for me but the lack of streak it has it’s super frustrating because you will not be able to find her.
Torvald makes Parnell obsolete and doesn’t lose any health to do it. He’s his own laz, the grenade is awesome.
Crow is pretty spammy, spammy. It requires a lot of juking to counter, maybe if it had a narrower cone it’d be more forgiving.