Let us cancel the Monster (Wraith?) execution animation


I just lost a game as Wraith, and that’s obviously a signal for the universe to consider that something just might be wrong with the game.
That something is the execution animation with the Monsters while autoattacking a Hunter into a downed state. It’s cool looking and all, but… I mean… I just lost because of this… and that’s sad.
The moment the execution animation starts you are effectively stunned for 2 seconds without being able to use traversals, skills or autoattacks. I’m pretty sure in games like DoW those things were removed for competitive reasons, as they randomly locked out units from combat. I ask you do the same TRS and throw all the beautiful work your animator has done in the bin simply because I don’t want to lose another game due to this.
edit: or even better like someone suggested let us at least cancel it automatically when using traversals or skills

So… that game in question I was effectively stunned for 2 seconds while incapping Caira with a melee attack, taking a full Cabot Amp + Maggie Smg + Markov LG + 1 Markov Mine (as I expected to traverse straight up afterwards, not slowly slither forward 2 seconds straight into a mine). All that damage due to Cabot obviously took about all my HP I could’ve easily won the dome with without Caira and ultimately lost me the game 30 seconds later.

Just do it…



Um, I’m not sure if this is just a Goliath thing but by using Traversals/Skills you cancel the animation 0.o


I don’t even know what you’re asking for.

Edit: Nevermind, now I know what you mean.


Well, with Wraith I can not. I can only walk around with a Hunter impaled on my beautiful blades until the animation is over.


Losing as Wraith isn’t rare. She’s not as strong as Beta/Launch.


Ok, Roy you scare me.
I was about to start a topic about the exact thing you just posted right when your thread poped up. Can you read my mind?

This is especially annoying since the rise of Torvald.
Finally downing the Hank just to eat the next Mortar, cause you cannot use traversals is a no-go.


Hm, thats odd, I’ll test it out later and see if its a thing


Wait you mean the animation like Goliath does,

Picks up the hunter wave him a bit and drop him on the ground?Is that it?


Well, Wraithplayers are obviously gifted by the universe with a rare and weird forumpost connection.


It IS a thing. I was using the board search to find a thread regarding this, but couldn’t find one. Surprisingly. This is as annoying as the 180° context attacks.


Exactly. Just with a lot more style.


Well clearly, but its a thing I haven’t seen as I’ve been able to cancel the animations


Which is a thing they will patch out in the next title update at least I think.


Hunter perspective: Well that half a hour of chasing was worth seeing this.

Monster perspective: Well that half a hour of hunting sucked.


Just to comfort you there should be a hunter death animation.

Now that I think about it it may ruin my appetite and my will to play.


Honestly, If you fight me some time in the matchmaker it’ll probably take you about 1:30 to ‘find’ me. Anyways… that’s totally beside the point of the post.


Sorry, I hope that they do not remove the animations. And I am a monster player mainly.


Removing them is not necessary. Just being able to break the animation with a traversal if needed, would be enough.
It’s not reasonable to take 1 healtbar for a fancy animation in a competitive game.


Well, I guess that would…
what did I just say about that weird wraith player connection…


I like the animations, they are hella quick and let you know when a cloaked or spore cloud covered hunter is actually downed. It serves a functional purpose. Not having it would be a hell of a slim and support buff.