Let us buy the game!



Hello, folks.
Since the beginning of Stage 2, I feel in love with the game. But what I came to respect above everything else - above the gameplay, the lore, the graphics - was Turtle Rock team itself.
I mean, I never saw a team worry so much about a game. They could have just abandoned it, did something else with their lifes, but they brought the whole game free to play and, still, created a whole month full of updates with “Shear Madness”.
And furthermore, everything in the game you can get without buying. Every. Single. Thing. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what it is.

But, surely, I am not the only one worried about how they will keep going. I know that, when “Stage 3” come out, they will do something about it. But I really wish I could do some more for the game itself. I didn’t bought the game before because, here in my country, the price was salty and no one I knew had the game to play with me. However, I have plenty of friends to play with now, me and my girlfriend are hunting together daily, and we are more than interested in the lore everyday.

So, here’s my point: Add an option to buy the game, like an DLC. And I am not talking about “skin DLC” or “unique perk DLC”, I mean something like the “Legacy” - You unlock a fair amount of things that already have in the game and, when Stage 3 come out, you gain a… High five from the team, I don’t know.
If it’s not possible, just do a easy way so we can donate - It will not be that attractive, but we could help in some way.

I love the path that Evolve is taking, and I see the hard work that the team is doing. I sure am not the only one wishing to help. So, if that’s possible, let us help! :slight_smile:


[quote=“Haotran, post:1, topic:99501”]
But, surely, I am not the only one worried about how they will keep going
[/quote]They’ll introduce microtransactions down the line, also i already bought this game


Yeah they did GJ also very good communication at forum or discord
and I myself wonder where the transactions at :^)
last time they mentioned they are working on some


They’ll have to lock some content behind paywalls again because the way they’re going about it now; no one will have any reason to pay for anything other than to give them money for nothing in return. At that point just make a “Donate” button on the menu.


I reckon they’ll make some sort of “starter pack” like what Founders get but maybe not include the Founder exclusive items such as badges, possibly less than 30k keys etc.


A premium account that helps you rank up faster


so pretty much general f2p stuff?


Pretty much


I just kinda hope they dont go the same way every other F2P game goes and put everything but game-effecting content behind a price wall. League of Legends is brutal in it’s marketing scheme. Characters and perks and stuff can be bought with in game money, but it takes like a month to get one character if you dont play the game religiously, and EVERYTHING else is locked behind a price wall, and not a cheap one. Character skins, profile pictures, ward skins, and anything that would let you get in-game money faster is unobtainable to all but the ones willing to put in a minimum $5. Bare in mind, $5 would get you about 1 of the little shity things, and would pay for about 1/4 of anything else.


No wonder they are the nuber 1 e-sport in kore. At least were, then a more fun, more agressively advertised game came.