Let there be HISTORY!


For the upcoming release of the amazing game we all can’t wait to play, I’ve taken the time to decide whether or not to buy either the Monster Race Edition of Evolve or just buy two copies of the standard game. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Why would you buy two copies of the standard over the Monster Race Edition?” Well my reasoning behind it was that I’ve always wanted to collect only the most amazing and original games in my personal opinion. I’ve never been able to do that because I have a very ‘high standard’ critique.

A lot of the games that many others have collected are titles like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Far Cry, etc. The thing was though, those kinds of games never appealed to me as a ‘collector-worthy’ experience. The only game I’ve ever gotten just so I could collect it was “Dead Space 2: Collector’s Edition” because I love horror and Dead Space was the only franchise that snuck under my skin and struck my fears of like a zombie based, alien plague in which the enemies aren’t slow or stupid, but clever, creepy and terrifying. Now what about “Evolve” am I thinking makes it collector-worthy? Well ever since I was a kid, I’ve always liked creature features. I remember as a little boy, I was at my Grammy’s house stomping around yelling, “I’M GODZILLA!” and my grandpa came around the corner and did the same thing and scared the living crap outta me enough to have me running underneath the dining room table. Ever since I realized my dream job as a game developer at the age of 15, I’ve always wanted to create a game where you can play as the monsters, not just fight them. I also wanted to where you could have the beasts as companions and pets if you raised them from their eggs or fetus stage. I have this idea stored away for later on once I get my degree. So for Evolve to have where you can play as the beasts and to include such stunning animations where they play smoothly is such a core-relation thing for me.

For Turtle Rock Studios to tackle such an original idea, and to accept the challenges ahead after what they’ve been through after Left 4 Dead, makes them one of the very few inspirations that guide me to accomplish my dream of being a game developer. Why do I want to buy two standard and physical copies of the game over the digital Monster Race Edition? Here are my two reasons; I want to support Turtle Rock Studios as much as I can despite it costing more and for the most important reason, I want to be able to hold onto a piece of history. Where once I get my degree and am working for whichever company, I can always pick up my second copy and hold one of the very ideas that helped me stay inspired to be a game developer in the first place. To see the reactions that people had for such a beautiful and constructive idea, and to see the support from this community, showed me that dreams are possible and that you can not just dream them, but live them.


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Most lovely.

Yeah, evolve’s an inspiration to me. Not just in the fact of gaming, but in the fact of getting me through the times.