Let the community design a dlc monster?


So I know it’s a bit early to be talking about dlc,but I was thinking it would be really cool if for the fourth (or fifth/sixth depending on how many monsters TR already has planned out) the community could decide what he/she/it will be? Maybe something like having some of the artists at Turtle Rock sketch up a few designs and then put up a poll in the forums allowing users to vote on which design they like most,and then after one of them gets the most votes over a period of,I dunno,a week or two maybe,they could announce the winner,and possibly let us pick out the skills for it as well?..Or maybe even let some of the members of the community come up with the designs for the monsters themselves,as long as they aren’t too complex.


I like this. Would be cool!


I definitely second this. I came into this thread thinking it would be a contest which I wouldn’t care for, non-game designers can come up with some stuff that just doesn’t fit the gameplay design.

But if we got to vote and kind of “shape” the monster out of TRS putting out ideas/options, that would be awesome.


This would be a FANTASTIC idea! I haven’t had a chance to play the Alpha yet, but from the videos, I’d love to see a monster that has some sort of cloaking ability - nothing seriously OP, but maybe he’s invisible when standing still… give him some abilities that provide bonuses for a sneak attack, but overall strength and armor lower than the average monsters. I’d love to see that - I’m a huge fan of stealth characters!


This would be a cool thing indeed!


Something like CIG’s “The Next Great Starship” competition would be neat too: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/contest/the-next-great-starship It’s not at all accessible to the average gamer, though, since it takes serious design chops.

I like the idea of having a community-directed monster, but something like the CIG competition might be a decent way to get some quality content created on the cheap… Take a tip from Valve, who have barely made a TF2 map in years :stuck_out_tongue: Get the community to do the work!


There is a thread for this,
We are discussing a monster that traps the essence of Turtle Rock Studios itself,
As a sort of thank you/homage.


Ahh,my mistake,completely missed that.


No worries man! Sounds like you have a lot of ideas-
I’m sure @SledgePainter and the rest of the community would love to have your input in our thread.

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