Let the blood flow, Bloodborne

You’ll have fun! :smile: Or attempt to murder someone

is it a survival game live vs zombies or some shit. or is it a survival game like, i need to kill all these people before the rest of them figure out its me.

Not exactly a survival game in the sense your talking. It’s more of everyone wants to murder me kind of game. You’re not exactly against zombies just a bunch of crazy people who want to kill you.

Here’s a trailer vs a boss, essentially it shows the gameplay style.

Damn it looks almost exactly like dark souls. Well my brother is the one who liked the series anyway and he has a ps4 so he should be happy. Played an hour and almost wanted to kill something irl so I guess its good its ps4 exclusive (for me at least).

Haha! Yeah, the game definitely tests a persons patience :smile:

It pretty much is, the style of the game and the combat are the same. Now they’re adding different forms of customization and different kinds of weapons and combinations you can do.

I love dark soul and so does my friend with a PS4. When he finally gets it, I’m going to go to his house and play the crap outta it.

I think the darksoulesque game is hard to define. I personally consider it a medieval combat simulator/Mario bros on super hard mode.

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You know my feelings :heart_eyes:

Yep, i think the challenge is part of the appeal. The sun knows how freaking long it took me to beat the Taurus demon ( ONE OF THE EASIEST FREAKING BOSS) but the triumph was worth it. I hope my pal have enough booze stockpile in his house cos i be drinking plenty when i continually get my ass whoop.

Another thing i will compliment Darksoulesque game is the asthetics. Boss looks cool as hell in that gritty dark fantasy way, costume as well!!.

I know! Every time I lose against and then finally win it’s like the sky opens up and a voice from the heavens says. “You finally did it!”

I love the art design too :heart_eyes: Even when in your in places like Anor Londo where it’s morning you still know that everything around is dark and gritty and ready to tear you apart

I can’t wait for bloodborne

Don’t expect this to be a spiritual sequel to the Souls series - it’s a very action-y procedural. But yes, I plan to get it, probably in April.

Yes, let the blood flow!

@mediumvillain yup, there’s a whole health system built around it to make it more fast pace to boot. :sweat_smile:

Huge fan of Dark souls 1 and 2, but I play on xbox one so I won’t be getting this game. :cry:

There will never be such a thing as " too much Demons/Dark Souls " for me, so naturally, of course I’m looking forward to it O:


Quick, make a friend who has one and shove the game down their throat!

@Sannom so you too know the terror that lurks in the shadows… Well actually even places that don’t have shadows in the game is dangerous :unamused: :joy:

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Yeah I can make a friend with benefits type deal, but all I want is to play there PS4.

I’m pumped for it.
Started with DS2 then went back and did a playthrough of 1.

The games are honestly not half as hard, or frankly as great as their community would have you believe with the way they hype each one up like its the best damn game ever made, but they are great games.

This one also looks to easily be the best, so I’m looking forward to it.
I mean seriously…have you seen this games Scythe? If I cant look like Death…that might be the only huge disappointment it could present to me.

Well that and horrible pvp hitboxes like the last one. Seriously I’ve never played a game with worse online than DS2, and I wont accept it again.

All that aside I logged something around 400-500 hours into the first 2 souls games, and not many games have been able to keep my attention to that extent, so I’m expecting the same from this.

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I wish I had a PS4 to play this one! It looks amazing, and I have been nerding out over dark souls since it was recommended to me. Maybe one day, I’ll give it a shot.

We may not look like death but in this game we sure as hell make a good cosplay of him! :smiley:

It isn’t that hard when you get down to being patient and learning it but it just so happens that some of us Souls players like to think we’re a bit superior than casuals :wink:

@Takran! Make a friend with someone who has a PS4 or rob someone! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Three words: Fuck you Sony.

Seriously the suspense is killing me with the countless amount of release dates. Got to wait till the 27th :cry: