Let’s write a story


King realized whoever had wrote this note was absolutely insane so he decided to do something about it, he’d write a note back to see how far down this tunnel can go, after all what else can he do this will cure his boredom.




For that note, I was thinking more along the lines of a secret crime group who was there to bust king out of jail but well…things just can’t go your way sometimes xD


King wrote the note, folded it into a paper airplane, and threw it after the man; the airplane hit him on his head.


The man turned around and screamed, King wasn’t expecting it but he should have, after all the man was insane.


After the man collected himself slightly, he looked around to all the jail cells and yelled at them “Who ever threw that paper, your mom’s a hoe” and then left without the note King had written him back.


The jail cells erupted in commotion.


The reason for this was simple, all of their mothers were… well.


The inmates began to riot, forcing the guards to intervene lest an angry mob of convicts were to burst out and cut a bitch over referring to their mothers as any gardening tool other than a shovel.


The guards were advancing on prisoners in the cells, and when a guard close to King wasn’t paying attention, he took the chance to slip the guard’s keys.


Quickly making his brake for freedom, he snuck past the guards and ran through the facility.


Just as he thought he was about to escape, a stocky guard clubbed him in the back of his head with a billy stick, “where ya think ya goin’, mothafucka?”


“To your mom’s house,” he replied before blacking out.


In 30 years of crime solving, Detective Richard Lane had never met a more absurd, comical, and complicated case than the one he was focused on now.


He had just found out with a bit of head pounding that the girls in the picture was Kim Kardashian and one of her younger sisters.


So…this murder was way darker than he had ever imagined, for what living man would kill Kim Kardashian?


Or, he wondered, was it a man at all, as he saw a suspicious looking cat had been watching him; upon meeting eyes the cat took off running.


He started to chase the cat only to turn around and see something hit him in the head, he woke up tied in a chair surrounded by cats all staring at him.


Directly in front of him was a old white vaguely Italian cat adorning a smart looking business suit coupled with a neat tie; it spoke a single cold sentence.



The man realized he can’t understand cats.