Let’s write a story


Detective Lane has broken his own rule about looking at people chests, embarrassed by his rule breaking habit he quickly grabbed the locket carefully untying it from around the victims neck.


The locket was a case for a photo, the picture inside was of minnie mouse and the wearer.


He sighed, realizing he would have to take a trip to Disney World, the one place he hoped to never have to go again.


For him, it was a far cry from being “the most magical place on earth,” mainly due to the fact that…


…this was a murder case about a serial killer that might have been trying to get revenge on Disney–or worse, maybe even working for them.


After a short investigation it was revealed that the picture was of the wearer and their younger sister in the costume, it was the younger sisters first day on the job and the wearer wanted to remember this moment for some unknown reason.


Dare I go in for a interrogation, and risk breaking my rule yet again?


He knew to get answers, he’d have to try and turn a mouse…into a rat.


He laughed at his own joke causing people to stare, he was used to people staring at him so he didn’t mind.


In his haste to find the younger sister in the locket photo, and identify the nameless corpse that used to be her older sibling, he spills his neapolitan flavored dippin dots, just fucking all over the place.


As the body had been recently found the workers searching for clues not only stared at him for spilling the dipping dots everything but also for what they think is terrible taste, Lane quickly hurried out of the scene not looking back, not even for his coffee which he had left inside.


Detective Lane cruised down the highway back to his office to compile a file full of his day findings before heading home to rest.

Best sentence I’ve read today lmfao


lol Max I meant that I had broken my own rule of not writing more than one sentence in a row.


Johnny King was slumped on the bench in his prison cell, when the sound of footsteps came down the hallway.


A man of about 30 years of age, with a sleek black suit and dark sunglasses appeared and without a word, he gave King a small slip of paper then turned and left.


King flipped open the note and it read, in a very neat cursive:


“Dude you fucking suck I don’t know how the hell you got in here but I really don’t feel like paying a fee to get you out, like seriously you need to stop breaking speed limits or whatever”


He was puzzled, watching the man go after reading the blatantly outrageous note; but when he flipped it over he could just make out something there, as if there were words written in secret, embossed perhaps, into the paper.


King tilted the paper so he could view the words better, and it read…


“…Send nudes.”