Let’s write a story


Here are the rules.

  • Everyone writes a sentence.
  • The sentence must be related to what was previously written.
  • NEW RULE: Please don’t write more than one sentence in a row.
  • Another new rule. Don’t do shit like “North Korea launched an H Bomb and killed everyone in the country”. There can be jokes but not shitposts.

Simple, right? Don’t fuck this up.

Okay I’ll start.

There had been 5 murders in the past week.


Each in the desolate outskirts of the dreary and sodden little suburban equivalent of a sewer-pipe known as Tamberg.


The 4 people who were killed were identified as
20 y/o Richard Kirgistan, 29 y/o Nicole Sahara, 41 y/o Pablo Peskycar, 57 y/o Ricky Stiles, one body still remains.


They all strangely had a blow-pop in their mouth…


That was stuck to the inside of their mouths like someone had used super glue.


Detective Richard Lane was on the case for these murders.


He had been a detective for well over 30 years and he still had the sharpest mind in the whole team; he knew all the tricks that criminals used and never failed to solve a single mystery.


This case, though, was unlike any he’d ever seen–no murder had ever been so oddly cartoonish as this one.


Oddly enough one of the suspects was an animator for a kids show, he was seen near incident and was missing during the times the murders took place.


“I guess revenge is sweet”, Richard’s partner Janet Smithers commented as she handed him a letter found at the animators apartment.


After reading the letter, it was discovered that the victims had all humiliated the animator, Johnny King, in the past.


It wasn’t that long ago along a road that Johnny King was 1st inspired to animate his friends best wedding.


It was discovered that one of the victims was at said wedding and it was the day before their murder, King’s creative cartoon also depicted the wedding on a boat, while most of the jokes left characters unharmed the victim was mysterious thrown off the boat in the animation and presumed to be dead by the newly wedded couple. One of Detective Richards coworkers had told him to use this as evidence, however he know this case went much deeper than this, he wanted to find out everything.


“But why?” Thought the detective.


Detective Lane felt he had to identify that last body; he had this hunch that it would be crucial to the case.


The thing that stood out the most was the bracelet that despite the whole body being unrecognizable was intact,
It wrote:…


“D-I-S-N-E-Y” in silver charms attached to the bracelet.


“That fucking mouse…” Lane said as he clenched his fist over the bracelet in his palm.


The bracelet was useless; it was just another souvenir that thousands had.


But then, Lane noticed a small locket around the corpse’s neck. I broke my own rule.