Let people who unlocked the original elite skins in Alpha/Beta keep them


Sure they aren’t nearly as cool, but it would be a nice calling card to those of us who spent perhaps too much time in the alpha and beta. No reason to get rid of an asset if its already made.

I say those that unlocked them, but perhaps it might be better to let anyone who was in the alpha or beta unlock them after launch.


Ehh, if they were still in, they’d be a nice “this person played in alpha/beta” skin.


I think it’s better if they made them unlock able a different way, macman/slabomeat(forgot which one) said that they didn’t like having exclusives on the game


That won’t happen, it basically goes directly against what Turtle Rock wants to do.

Unless you mean keep them, and just keep them in the game for anyone to unlock via normally in game or something like that. That would be okay.


I doggedly waited for MacMan to respond to a topic for like a week, and he confirmed that there will be no way to unlock old elite skins in the main game, nor do they have a way planned.




This should be here:


They are really against exclusivity. If they were made available, they would probably be an alternate option for anyone who unlocks the elite level skin(s), and not as an alpha/beta player thing.