Let Game Endings Connect More


I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I tend to get invested when I enjoy something. So when I decimate as the monster(which happens alot, I mean who wouldn’t in pugs?) I feel like the fire-breathing badass I played for a bit. I’d love if there was a way to extend the roar not the duration itself but instead it was a bit more cutsceny. Like for example, you see the deceased bodies of the 4 hunters who fought you and you say, step on one of them then preform your rar, something along those lines.

But with the hunters I don’t get the same feeling, there’s no pizzaz. I just see a monster spazzing violently while his life seeps out, along with a quick hunter one liner accompanying a quick dropship swinging by. Howabout the hunters high five-ing each other or maybe seeing the dropship landed not too far from the hunters and the deceased monster as they walk towards it congratulating eachother on a job well done, or something of the like? Sure this may all sound like alot in writing but it’d be rather short in practice.

Any thoughts on this fellas?


I believe that Maggie sums up why the hunter cutscene doesn’t last very long.
“One down. A couple million more to go…Bucket!”
The hunters don’t feel prideful in what they do, they don’t cherish their hunt, its simply a job for them to do, and one that theyre lucky to be walking away from.
Just wouldn’t feel right for them to celebrate it.
Sheesh. Thats dark for me.
Thats better. M