Let Fissure climb up Fusion Plant's pillars and farther up walls


I’ve had this happen to me twice today. Hunters would exploit the pillars outside of the fusion plant by standing on top of them to shoot at Behemoth. Fissure doesn’t climb up those pillars, and tongue grab will only pull hunters down when you are far enough away from them, rank 3 rock wall doesn’t reach, and lava bomb doesn’t land right on the pillar. They can just jetpack to another pillar or stand in the lava while healing by medic (usually slim).

I tried moving down to the generator to break it, but they would stand on top of the tall platform and shoot at me. Wall wouldn’t work properly up that high and tongue grab was easily dodged. And, again, fissure doesn’t climb that high. When I went back to chase them they would be back on top of the pillars shooting at me.

I would literally have to move outside where they wanted me because of the timer and try to tongue grab them down from the pillar. When I was able to, they would jetpack back upward if my rock wall wasn’t up.

Behemoth can’t climb these pillars

Anyone else experience this?


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The pillars are a serious problem for Behemoth. He should be able to hit them with Fissure, or knock them off with rock wall or lava bomb, and this post should stay here.