Less time or part of the time


I feel that the respawn time should either be decreased or the drop ship animation should happen during the countdown. It’s infuriating as both the hunter dropping in and the one trying to survive when you are looking at that timer go to 0 and you still got to wait an extra 15 seconds for your friends to actually hit the ground to help. I don’t know about you but that extra 15 seconds seems like a lifetime when you are itching to get back in the fight or the last survivor running from a stage 3 monster.
I feel that they should either put less time on the respawn timer or include that long dropship animation in the countdown one of the two. Because as it is it does nothing but give the monster more time to do damage.


That would make things unfair for the monsters though. If they sacrifice the health and armor to put you out only to have you drop in faster…I think that’s too much of a boost for the hunters.


How is it unfair it’s two minutes that’s plenty of time to kill hunters if you do it right but it’s a joke to have that timer hit 0 then oh by the way they won’t be here for another 15 seconds don’t worry. I’m not saying make the timer 1 minute but damn do something.


I think it’s fine and balanced the way it is. Medic and support should be doing their part to keep you alive + there are medics like Laz and Emet that can counter the dropship timer if a teammate dies completely, so it’s not really a problem I think that much about when playing.


The only way I see this being fair is if only the dropship timer UI simply says 2 minutes and 15 seconds.


OK, so here’s my view…

If you’re a monster and you want to try and wipe a team then you should really be putting your ass on the line for it, if they haven’t got really terrible positioning or a number of strikes on them. For the fun of the game the monster should find it safer to build strikes through multiple engagements (and conversely strikes shouldn’t mean you’re now a useless participant against high burst monsters)

The 2+ minute timer allows a monster to be reckless after a key hunter is down with fairly little risk of it back firing (specific comps and dependent on the support being the last alive, player skill, etc, etc)

I feel the dropship timer should drop to 1:30 or thereabouts, possibly lower all dependent on the upcoming meta changes. If you as a monster can’t wipe the team within that time then a) good, if they have no strikes it should be that hard and b) maybe you should be looking instead to quit while you’re ahead and celebrate those strikes while heading off to level up some more.

I feel a smaller dropship timer would encourage monsters to not prepare solely for that single stage 2 mega engagement, it’d mean a less boring time for hunters who at the point of returning to the game have probably spent near to 3 minutes doing nothing, but it still leaves it open for monsters that see an opportunity to shut a team down to do so even if it’s a risky play (as we’ve seen in the quickshot tournament, with less time than that on the dropship)


well its 45 seconds to do the animation


I feel that the animation time as a concept is fine. I think it is great that the hunters only have to stick around 2 minutes tp confirm the reinforcements, however the monsters still have time to kill the remaining hunters.

I think a more fun system would be a 1-1:30 timer with a longer animation and a smaller timeframe for downed hunters to join the dropship by pressing B (or whatever it is on PC and PS4).

This makes it easier for hunters tp stay in the game but keeps it just as difficult for ALL of them to.


But usually the monster would have to kill the last hunter before the drop ship timer runs out. So what, he’d have to kill the last hunter 30 seconds before the drop ship timer runs out? Either that, or the hunters could lose the game while dropping down from the drop ship.

Whether or not the overall time from death to landing on the ground should be changed, can be discussed, but including the drop time in the timer is probably a bad idea overall due to how the win conditions work.


Timer should more accurately reflect time until you return to gameplay. Other than that, no objections


No, it’s fifteen seconds on top of the two minutes. It’s hardly that much of an issue.

I completely and fully agree with @TheMountainThatRoars here. It is just way too much of a Hunter boost to warrant the change.


Well apart from anything… The timer pretty much lies… It tells the lone Hunter that he will get reinforcements in 2 minutes, but he does not. And then there’s the thing that the timer ends, lone survivor relaxes gets eaten and then there are 15 seconds of the Monster doing whatever it wants.


The thread title is really confusing.

Other than that I think the current time is great. Just have the drop ship timer maybe represent that more clearly or something? But its not really a problem.


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