Less of a action fps, more hunt



Hey guys it is first time i make a post here and i dunno if you have interest for suggestions, but here we go.

starting with monster:

-unless monster has an antenna up top his head and satallite in the orbit monster shouldn’t have access to whole map. However, it should have instincts to show it a limited part with is centered by monster itself. otherwise put some machinegun arms and artilery tail as well.

-UI assist must be off for monster. what i mean by it how does monster know which character is which class and how much hp he/she has? solution is using smell. after removal of UI monster should see hunters with white to red color with indicates how much he/she is covered with blood. with this monster should not smell hunter’s exact location if hunter is washed or full hp for a period of time but has to hunt for the hunter. Smell should give it a sense of direction (like planatery scan) where the hunter’s re hiding.

now to hunter side:

  • universal giant mutant tracking lessons?: i saw lots and lots of videos, gameplays mentioning how stuipd all classes can track monster with highlighted footprints and they re right. my main is lazarus and most of the time i can track and dome the monster easily then cloak and w8 for my friends to show up. just leave the footprints there but just highlight them for trapper class characters.

-lack of equipments: i dunno if u can add new thing to the game but acquiring new or specific equipments are essential for hunting animals (in this case monsters). first things first jet pack SUCKS. i know it is for balancing purposes but jet packs at least should start to recharge when not using them on airborne. is there some kind of chip holding it not to charge until user starts to walk ? i hope not because thats seems some1 out there trying to kill us. (maybe HUB?) solition is simple give as a market or blackmarket that we can buy some equipment (better equipment). such as additional jet tanks, gliders, different kinds of ammunition, camo and so on.

if all of the above is applied you might need to stop nerfing monsters and even start to buffing them. also, since you guys went to f2p side if you want money from f2p players bring golden keys and give us permanent equipments and stuff for both monsters and hunters. just give us something useful and permanent and there will be lots and lots and players paying for it. as long as you wont overpriced it.

if this game is really dying, let the suggestions become your lazarus glove.


Quality! :wink:

I like to jump in quick and warn people who post things like this, that you may have incoming pal. There’s people who do share your feelings, but a whooolllle bunch sure don’t.

Duck and cover fella… Shots fired.


I don’t understand why you would think Jetpacks suck. Because you couldn’t kite the monster till he was dead? I’ve seen games where players would kite the monster endlessly at cliffs. So what you want is that jetpacks reload while airborn. Try jumping off a cliff, jetpack all the way up. Before you hit the ground you would have ur jetpack refilled and ready to boost away of the monster’s dmg. In the meanwhile the monster is getting his anus ripped because he can’t touch you.

Leave jetpacks as they are, we don’t need no more general hunter buffs.


This is not a simulator, the system is like it is to keep balance on both sides.


they can just add a debuff for jet to reduce recharche under dome. however i see we got a monster who cannot plan his moves.

i’m just gonna hide under my little dome :smiley:

this more like what it would be like if we add a giant monster to infinity wars. (u know what? titanfall with monsters would be a better example)


The game is definitely doing well for itself and the feedback is helping a lot to bring in new and returning players. It definitely does not seem it will be dying for awhile.

And your monster suggestions sound like a completely different game. Hunting in this game now is meant to be fast paced with strategic positioning and combat. It is not just a point and shoot. If the monster is stripped of it’s assistive UI and ability to be aware of the Hunters when nearby due to the mechanics you suggest, there would be way more easier capture on it. Easy to cut off and easy to take advantage of. Cool concepts, just does not work in the new functionality of Evolve and would require A LOT of reworking.

And jetpacks do not suck and you said it yourself, it is for balancing. Jetpack management is the most crucial part for hunters to learn if they want to survive combat situations and chase effectively. And all of those “better equipment” things you are mentioning are in perks. You can improve ammunition consistency, class abilities, jet-packs and the gliders with the perks. If you are not buying them then you have not seen the change they can bring. And I am not talking about those tier 1 perks, get all 3 tiers in your arsenal and you will see a significant change.

And they JUST started this model. They want to iron out the bugs, game-play and possible balances while the additions of the F2P currency coming later. Yes we have SIlver Keys but they will be giving us more to go on later.

Concepts are always cool but when they start changing the overall game itself I feel like that is already crazy. I doubt any new mechanics will be coming anytime soon but the overhauls and changes to the core game-play is what is more important right now. They are hitting the nail on all fronts so far.


I think I may have brought this up before, but I think having footprints not highlight is an interesting idea. It’d be great for a “Realism” type mode, similar to Left 4 Dead’s, that rebalances the game in some ways to make it a bit more challenging and realistic.

I’m not sure I agree with most other suggestions, though. Having purchaseable gear, for instance, seems… really problematic at best, and exactly the direction I hope they don’t go in.


[quote=“flamingaxe12, post:7, topic:92113”]
You can improve ammunition consistency, class abilities, jet-packs and the gliders with the perks. If you are not buying them then you have not seen the change they can bring. And I am not talking about those tier 1 perks, get all 3 tiers in your arsenal and you will see a significant change.

i got some at t3 my arsenal and i focused at my class ability and jet’s efficency but the problem is i’d like it to start recharge right after i released the button not when my foot touches the ground. i’d like to reach to monster faster not escape from it. that’s why i mentioned gliders. if jet cannot charge on air, i could use a glider (maybe once every 5-10 seconds to use my height advantage)

i really dont want this game to die and gaining even more players than Warframe ? that’s really something. However some say that’s the last struggle until it end up dead and i really dont want this to happen.

if the real money currency will be added sooner or later i’d like it to be about something useful not just some premium bonus shit or christmas tree skins.


there is only 3 way for it to go sell premium service(and silver keys), sell skins or gear. i’d like new gear.


In regards to what you mentioned about the satellite finding the monster anywhere on the map, my theory is that
A: The monsters are highly radioactive and this is how the satellite finds the monster or
B: The monsters have extremely high body temperatures, which would also be in line with the glowing red that monsters have when on high armor, and also the monsters massive appetite.


what i meant is how does monsters can see whole area because i dont think maps re their natural habitat. we re hunters to kill a problematic monster who jumped in an important location. it doesnt know the area we dont know the area but we got scanners, maps, satellites and it doesn’t. hope this clarifies misunderstanding.


So like having more air maneuverability when mid-air? And glad you got those tier 3 perks just wanted to make sure.

And yeah it is doing well. It is not struggling yet, if we stay optimistic about the game it will stand as a great F2P. It is not even out of Beta yet so it is too early to tell and not even on console yet. Lot of potential.

And if I had to guess it would probably be used for all the content of the game. Skins, characters, perks unless they abbreviate otherwise. They always have community events for a lot of premium skins so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that at the moment unless they do something.


in that case, I’d say it’s because the monster’s lived there for a bit of time. He’s lived there long enough to cause a problem and for a hunter team to come in, so in that amount of time it should be easy for the monster to memorize his zone/map.


Hive mind’s a powerful thing!

Until it’s revealed otherwise, I will assume the experiences shared by one Monster is shared among at least the Alphas (That is, Player Controlled Monsters) among their rank. Otherwise, it’s just a “Gameplay Reason” thing I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

I see it more as a extrodinary ability. Sure, we call it Smelling, but it could very well be a completely different, yet similar in that they make a ‘sniffing’ noise, sense. Not only do they know the location of things and their exact state, they can also determine if the thing is a threat, or harmless (Yellow vs Red highlighting) as well as Dead (Blue).

In other terms, if I had to explain it ‘logically’, it’s simply a sense we as humans lack. it’s Alien to us. Just b/c we don’t have it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist kind of thing, y’know?

There’s a saying in the work force, “Everyone’s a Safety Officer”. I’d imiagine the same thing is applied here, too. If I knew, as a Trapper, how to track the more obvious signs of game, and my quarry was a 20ft tall maneating killing machine, you’d best bet there’ll be some mandatory Giant Mutant Tracking lessons! I would badger that class onto Cabot so hard, he’d DREAM he was in the class between his classes!

That said, other than the obvious “Gameplay” reason, and as I LIKE finding ways to make all this stuff somewhat feasible, tracks left by an unsubtle monster weighing Daisy knows how much at each stage would certainly leave monstrous tracks that could be seen quite far off, I’d imagine. Highlighting may just be technological, highlighting tracks that are similar in shape to a certain directory created from previous knowledge.

Well, to be fair, when the Huntres showed up on Shear, they had no idea there were Monsters to begin with, iirc. They sorta walked into Shear being attacked, and were kitted for Planet Taming, not Monster Hunting :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, every tier after the 3rd DOES seem to be, visually anyways, more suited to either Kill Monsters (See Lennox/Torvald) or Survive Monsters (Crow/Slim) for a time, and while Variations aren’t canon, I like to view them as “After X amount of time cut off on Shear, this is what the Hunters did to adapt to their dwindling supplies/discovery of new resources as they search for a way off Shear” :smiley:

Could be fueled by stored up Kinetic energy created by physically moving, for all we know. It’s the future, I honestly would not be surprised. Beyond that, Gameplay is the real answer on this, despite my usual ‘TRY to find a reason for it’ stance, simply b/c it’s been shown on the Evolve Stage 1 Intro Video that Jetpacks do actually last quite a while :slight_smile:

Personally, I disagree. I’m already iffy about the Perks costing keys, as once you can buy Keys, the P2W accusations will start up I’m sure, but ultimately, they are all earned in game with not so much time spent playing (If you mix up your roster, instead of sticking to one or two ‘mains’ that is).

Beyond that? Keep ANY purchases limited to New Monsters/Hunters (For Keys or Cash, eventually) and Cosmetics. On top of Evolve’s stigma it had against it (And many still think about it, despite Stage 2’s initial success), we don’t need to reinforce it by throwing in P2W aspects when we’re already bordering that element’s front door, once Keys become purchasable with cash. (To clarify, I don’t consider it P2W to buy keys with cash to then buy Perks you’d get with very little time investment anyways, but many do. I’m more concerned about the negative word of mouth and misinformation, you know… the thing that nailed Evolve Stage 1 initially)

A tad late there, the game is doing wonderful right now. You CANNOT possibly claim the game is dying after going from what… 90 folks online on Steam to the 33,000 I see online right now as of typing this comment?

Hell, if anything, Laz was already through here. In and out before you even knew better, apparently. The best kind of Laz Rez :stuck_out_tongue:


then i think monsters deserve their kind of map… or at least some animals to help them out.

and we re alien to monsters they shouldn’t be able to see who is who. in short monster shouldn’t know “aahh he studied medical science and he/she is medic of this pack and here comes support, who gives shield to the pack which i dont know a shit about”

i hope we wont get 20 mts long ants then :stuck_out_tongue:

well lets fit it into the rules. caira studies about monsters and how to track them tnx to army, monster tracking institude or whatever. and meantime griffin was out there finding and fighing with them all his life. his father and his grandfather was doing it aswell. and caira can find monster equally fast maybe even faster then griffin. nothing beats experience mate. Otherwise, i would be playing with newcomers instead of 20s.

i must’ve missed cause i didn’t get anything new. just better and more efficient use of [(“SAME”)] things. (cannot state enough it seems). only "NEW"things u got from “ABILITY” tiers are vision and poison for humans; also, slow and bleeding claw for monsters. why devs shouldn’t increase the equipment list and size of skill tree in the future ?

hell yeah! a statement that supports my glider idea. Glider’s didn’t get lost by the time right? RIGHT? i mean there is 300 years old comics out there? it’s the future there must be better gliders!

i wonder how many ppl left that knows if clause. meh let’s clarify it too… if you re not living under a rock or in a cave you should know there is a talk about this game which states that “it went to f2p cause it was dying and even tho it went to f2p it wont be enough keep it from grave”. i know where the game is at steam list i’m not blind, at least yet. i want the game stay there for long if not at up top.

Anyway st2 has just begun and there should be added more content to keep it challenging, but fun. Mine is just an another idea that devs should consider, polish and see if it is appropriate for the game. Cause for me monster is easy to track hard to reach and once reach easy to kill. and for monsters it is easy to see who is who. but there is also lack of game modes if some1 can create a poll for game mode ideas i got couple of thinks to share


That’s the direction the devs chose to push the game towards after more than a year of feedback, and it seems to be working. Sure, the game could have been made more of a realistic, gritty hunt simulator but it seems that the majority of the audience isn’t interested in that.


tell me which element would reduce the action u will get once u jump out that ship?


Keep in mind, this may fall into the ‘Hivemind’ aspect, if that sort of mind is how they function. Maybe at first they didn’t know who a Medic was or what they did, but the Monsters learn, it’s their shtick. There’s even Dropship Convos talking about how Kraken didn’t show up until Markov killed a Goliath, then Wraith showed after the Hunters killed a Kraken, and that Lazarus fears the possibility of a Monster that learns from him, able to revive other Monsters.

Gorgon had to come from somewhere, right? O.o

Not quite sure what you’re getting at here, I was merely stating that the Trappers, Maggie especially, seeing that she’s actually lived on a planet killed by Monsters before (Factor), would share their knowledge and do anything they can to make the tracking process easier for everyone, instead of putting it solely on one person’s shoulders (As we all know, more eyes, even less experienced ones, can mean a huge difference! Humans error from time to time, Maggie can’t be all-knowing hehe)

I’d imagine they will, if you meant more perks overall. They’ve already given Hunters another perk tree to utilize, but unless they deviate from their current system, I don’t see a traditional ‘talent tree’ system coming into effect featureing more than the one-choice-per-tier system we already have

They do seem a bit obsoleted by Jetpacks, but perhaps it can be a thing utilized by a future Hunter? Somone who improved upon a traditional glider, giving it a futuristic approach with his own unique ability for it. Beyond that, it could simply be a lack of resources that prevents Hutners from utilizing more creative methods like that. After all, they are stuck on a planet being eaten by Monsters, the local Home Depot is probably a dangerous jaunt nowadays :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately for us, many will not even give it that second chance because they have heard nothing but that and will assume it’s the same game. Hell, I got a friend in Mumble right now who’s among that crowd. Refuses to come back because of what he played before, despite our conversations about how it’s practically a different game now.

Though he keeps badgering me to play that in-dev W40K game that’s being made, despite my not actually having much interest in it… perhaps a compromise can be made with him. Ill play some games with you on WH if you give Stage 2 a shot… hmmm…

Anyways, back to topic; Sure, F2P will help Evolve, and time will tell if ‘Laz’s Rez’ will help Evolve stay in the fight this time, as it were :stuck_out_tongue: