Less Maps, Modes, and Options For Custom Game In Stage 2?


What the hell gives? Not to mention not all of the skins are present in the Store. Is this because it is still in Beta or are they skimping out on us?


They’re re-doing practically every map for the re-release. The old maps don’t work too well with the current form of the game. And in my opinion, only a few were actually well designed.


Only that it’s still in Beta, they just added some hunter skins as well as the Gorgon-Zola skin. They are being refined


Oh, well I hope they eventually give us everything we had before Stage 2. Really bummed there is currently only Hunt and Arena. Really enjoyed Campaign tbh.


That might just be the only two gamemodes either forever or for now


Since most normal skins are being converted to full body for hunters that takes some time.