Less and less fun as a monster


So I main monster and I can only play atm Kraken and Behemoth to a degree of good playstyle, but i’ve been finding the couple of matches today to be very, very boring on my own part. Not because i’m bad, but because the T4 hunters takes the fun out of it.

The damage Thorvald dishes out is just outragous and it doesn’t really matter where you stand, you’ll get hit by hit mortars and lose a lot of health in the process, doesn’t matter which stage you are on, your armor will get rekt…

Sunny’s damage is also just… It feels like her damage is on the same caliber as Thorvald. And then her FUCKING robot shielder. It’s so annoying and has allowed itself to save countless of health when I attack and if i were to kill it, it won’t go down with only one hit, no it takes time to kill it. Time I don’t have, and when I pound at it, Thorvald will give me a surprise gift…

So now when i play monster i’m mostly against all of the T4 hunter out of 9/10 games its the same combo. So i’ve been thinking of going to another game for a time being.

I want to feel as thought I am a strong gigantic monster that can make the hunters get rekt anytime. Instead I am running away like a pussy on all the stages. Yes you heard me, even on stage 3 its hard to kill the T4 Hunters.

Hope you all monsters find a challenge in this, I do not, call me casual but I don’t like it when i am at such a disadvantage.

Rant over…


lol yr joking right there not that op


This is the second of April so no joke 'ere. I never did say “OP” in my post but doesn’t mean they aren’t around that corner…


You just gotta try and stay on the move against Torvald, he can’t really hit a Monster that’s moving around quickly unless the player is great at predicting your movement.

As for Sunny, same thing goes. Her weapon does fall-off damage so as long as you keep moving around she should have trouble getting any decent damage on you. The drone only shields the last person to take damage, so this should just encourage you to change targets. She makes it trickier to focus someone down.

It’s a shame you aren’t enjoying playing against the new Hunters, just try and work them out. They’re new so it’s understandable why people are struggling against them. Give it a month or so and I’d imagine everyone will be well adjusted to playing against these new characters.


While I agree that Torvald needs a little bit of work, I do not concur in that he’s that overpowered. Nor do I see Sunny’s damage as even comparable to Torvald’s.


Another good strategy for fighting the Shield drone is to get the hunters away from it. It is not fast to setup and charge and if you are in a dome the hunters will follow you so just LoS the drone the hunters will follow. Happy Hunting = )


So by that you are saying that unless I move 24/7 which if you are getting slowed by Crow when I play Behemoth, its incredibely hard. Same goes for the other monsters apart from Kraken.


There has been a couple off people trying to make strats to counter this hunter combination but as far as i understand it, these T4 hunters takes so little skill but can dish out so much damage and they can easely help each other out if played by experts. Thorvalds rockets arent hard to land. I’d imagine that in a couple of months “if” by chance the hunters will get nerfed or the monster buffed then It might get more fun for me but in a month or so I believe that people will become much better with the T4 hunters and kill the monsters faster.

I do not have statistics but having read comments that others have said, I believe that Thorvald is not OP but he can dish out rockets with ease and they aren’t even hard to land on the monster once you learned the skill and the positioning of the monster. Also the cooldown is so low its almost disturbing. I haven’t played Sunny but I know that others have really ranted about the damage of one of Sunny’s guns, which if i understood correctly also had the same disturbing low cooldown.

I hear you but the ease of this strat solely depends on what sort of territory the dome is set on.


Yes, mortars are too easy to land. And the Mininuke is worse than pre-nerf railcannon, easily.


This is 100% true and it is possible to get domed in a really bad place. I really wish I played more Monsters outside of Wraith so I could give more advice about fighting that drone. For the Wraith a level 2 warp blast will kill it and there is generally at least one hunter near it to hit.

Another thing you could try is using the smell range increase and if you think they are coming try to get to a place where you can defend yourself well inside of the dome.


Against Slim i’d assume that smell range is not the most viable in difference to speed feed or traversal.


I’m sure there’s a balance patch in the works, there’s no way they can test the new content internally sufficiently, they need to analyse match data that comes from thousands of hours and testers arn’t paid to play a game that much.

So the best they can do (They being TRS) is try to be as accurate as possible, monitor feedback and match statistics and make changes where appropriate.


Torvald is so easy to counter it almost hurts. Listen for this Mortars; when he fires them they make a very distinct noise. When you hear the cue jump away from the area you were just in. Bam, you just dodged mortars!

As for Sunny, keep changing targets or destroy the drone. Other than that her damage is less to go off of.

The only hunter I dislike with a passion is Slim.


If you want people to take you serious in your concerns try using real words.

I love seeing the impressions of other players but when you use the pseudo word “rekt” I stop caring about your impression and instead feel a need to offer you a dictionary.

As for the T4 hunters, it’s a new crew with new abilities that you haven’t developed strategies for.

At the risk of a pun, you need to Evolve your game play.


I really do not see how you can compare the Rail Cannon to the Mini-Nuke. The Mini-nuke has around the same reload time as the patched Rail Cannon. It has a projectile speed and an arc after the first 20m or so. Those two facts along mean it has a way shorter up time than Cabot’s Rail Cannon as the weapon is really not that good for chasing which is where Cabot’s extreme damage came from because he could always hit the monster (even through light cover). Not to mention that Sunny also spend more time switch between weapons than Cabot does further decreasing her up time on the mini-nuke.

Could the mini-nuke use a small adjustment sure. Is it worse than the Rail Cannon was ? Absolutely not.


that is a fair point. I got nothin else right now.


why you dislike slim?


His spore cloud is god-tier. Like, legit it’s too good.

It definitely needs to be toned down. Other than that, he’s alright.


Ok I thought you were getting mad about damage whew


Naw his damage is supposed to be there. Hes a combat medic after all.

I mean, I guess you can tone it down by like 5% or something (A really low value) but I still don’t mind it. Just me though, don’t know about anyone else. Maybe make his leech take like one more shot or .5’th of a shot as well to recharge the heal burst.


tons are complaining about it and I have to constantly say COMBAT medic