Lennys thunder strike does no damage when landing directly on top of monster

Is this intended? I’m not sure if it’s every time but it happens a lot

It’s probably a bug.

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I don’t generally have any problems, so yeah it might be a bug.

I’ll keep an eye on it but direct hits seem to not do damage

I’ve landed it on the monster before and done damage [PS4], so if that’s happened it’s probably a bug.

Which monster was it? (Might be monster specific)
What platform are you on? (Might be platform specific)

Has happened on kraken and behemoth in the last hour when I was playing, I only noticed it today so could have happened on others but I dunno.

I was playing as monster and when my friend used thunder strike he landed on my head and bounced off like i was a bouncy castle, without dealing damage.
Apparently i am made of rubber :smiley:.
This happened when i was playing as goliath.

I had the same thing happen to me when I joined against Wraith. I got a video of it but figured no one gave a rat’s ass…

Yea I’ve had that happen too, been trying to do it for traversals, you need to use strike coming off a height to lower ground, and use it just before you hit the ground. Here’s an example, but you can go a hell of a lot higher than this, just no clips of it:

thats strange our assault got some hits on a flying kraken and it always did dmg

Yea it seems it is a bug rather that a consistent thing. Even in the vid just above you can see my strike land before I takeoff, but you will notice it actually does the damage when i land the 2nd time, just noticed that.

I’ve certainly had issues where I’ve landed dirctly on top of a flying Kraken and it’s not registered any damage. :frowning:

Could it be a lag issue?