Lenny is a cheater? (How might Jack feel?)


So apparently, Lennox finds Hank attractive and well Gulp sexy

Hank admires Ida’s work, and she likes it, not missing the chance to
boast around him. On one occasion she got irritated at him, due to him
asking her if she did not feel cramped inside the suit, which she did.
Lennox possibly finds Hank attractive, calling him sexy in one of her responses while reviving him in-game.
- Evolve Wiki

Isn’t she married?
Jack says his father his out there
The fact that Jack calls him "Father"
Does Jack like his mom?


It’s the Wikia eh, don’t take any of that stuff all too serious


She’s also said that she “switches” out her men every now and then. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’d gone off with someone else after concieving Jack :stuck_out_tongue:


hahahaha well, technically its in the game, it is a convo between Lenny and Hank


Lennox has said something like I like to change out my men every so often. I can’t remember the exact line but she said that to bucket


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I do like me’ lore threads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Still, it can be ment as a sarcastic comment. But eh, what do I know


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How does Jack feel about this?
Does he, love his mom?


Yes, I’ve redeemed myself


I’m fairly certain Lennox never married Arthur. Could be wrong though.


[quote=“SedoUmbra, post:15, topic:81082”]
I’m fairly certain Lennox never married James
[/quote]Wait so Jack is ummmm a uh (no harm intended) bastard


That sounds about right from what we know.


I believe so. But I’m not 100% sure.


If i were Jack, I would just laser my mother Lenny several dozen times for “switching her men out”


Rough life the kid had/has