Lennox's AA gun, the eventual nerf suggestion

IMO. the AA gun is probably fine, but probably too good at the higher levels of play, and will make buffing the whip harder.

So here’s a suggestion.

There’s a heat effect on the gun, why not tune that into a range limiting source of feedback. Rounds cook off and don’t consume all the powder, and burst earlier…that way you can bring in the flakk effect as a ‘range’ guide…and for the rule of cool.

I changed the category to “suggestions” since it fits better, I hope you don’t have a problem with that :smile:

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I won’t mind if you comment on the OP B)

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Well, changing the distance sounds interesting since it actually has a huge range, but the autocannon it’s supposed to have that range I guess, what I could say that needs to be look at would be the huge clip it has. ( But that’s just me)

the clip size doesn’t matter in this suggestion because you’re metering the fire rate better and making down time without forcing reloads (reload perk being basically ignorable on her by design/intention)

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Hmm sounds nice, that would also make the autocannon require more skill to use.

Considering her primary damage dealer is easily even accidentally mitigated, her autocannon doesn’t need to be tweaked so that it requires “more skill to use”, or in any way to make it somehow less useful. If anything, she needs to be fixed so that her stacks are only lost when she’s damaged, not hit with Hank’s orbital, not hit while her shield/Support’s shield is up, but when she actually takes damage (in addition to the time limit/when she misses).


I really only use the Autocannon when I’m against a Kraken that just won’t be melee’d or when I’m playing safe waiting on a shield.

Its not really that powerful - just a balanced secondary weapon.


I like the heating idea. Firing too much at once making it overheat and have to wait.

But really, I just think the reload speed is a bit too fast.

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This isn’t me stating that the whip is good enough, this is me stating that the AA gun is too good, and boring.

The AA gun is holding back the power level of the whip. They can do more for the whip, but they have to take that from somewhere in her kit. Her jet pack thrust jump thing, is too interesting to adjust in any real way.

The AA gun is the simplest to tweak in terms of power level, because its so good and doing it in this way would make it more thematic. While still leaving the slack so that they can pump the whip to be better.

Maybe they can’t tune the whip to be that much better, or I dunno. But my gut tells me the AA gun is what’s going to change first so that, that can happen.

This. A heating function would be pretty snazzy but I doubt it’ll be implemented at this stage. :stuck_out_tongue: A simple reload nerf would be fine.

stop talking nerf, this weapon is so bad it need a buff -_-

I can see the Autocannon being called balanced but buffed, absolutely not. It’s already, in my opinion, the best secondary of all assault characters.


I have better time with Parnell.
This is certainly better than Markov, but Markov is bad anyway.
Hyde is better.
Torvald… meh can’t say, is he fixed?

Lolnope. :stuck_out_tongue: Torvald’s mortars are still sausage shaped ballons painted black.


XD 10 chars

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Hyde > Parnell > Lennox > Markov > Mammoth Bird > Spotter > Glaciopod > Torvald


1 thing
Nerf its capacity by like, 10 rounds.
The capacity is just a tad too high for my liking.
I know its small but 10 just feels…right.


Auto cannon is best long ranged secondary because her other weapon is the shortest ranged. You couldn’t give her the worst long range weapon and the shortest ranged primary or you couldn’t pick her because Kraken would be a hard counter.

My thoughts, its AA so buff air damage (15-25℅), reduce grounded damage by the same amount. Forces her to get in closer and take more risks with ground monsters and makes the name make a bit more sense. Probably wouldn’t balance but still lol.

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