Lennox VS Kraken


Is I really possible for a Leennox to contribute against a good kraken without having way better teammates?


Yes. It just means that you have to stay on the Autocannon and be aware of when he’s coming to the ground to Aftershock so that you can quickly switch to the lance. Lennox’s secondary does some of the best damage to a flying Kraken, right after Markov/Blitz AR.


Actually, I would recommend to stay on the autocannon and use the thunder strike instead, because the damage of the few plasma lance hits you will land is not worth the time of the switch, positioning etc. And if kraken manages to hit you, you would lose the few multipliers you had.


her Thunder strike is great to dodge a Lightning Strike or Aftershock

  1. Find a rock or building that is about the same elevation level as Kraken and use the AA Cannon almost exclusively.
  2. Hope that the Kraken player doesn’t “WASD” you to a whole new level of frustration.
  3. Use Thunder Strike to dodge the occasional ability thrown your way.
  4. Enjoy autoreload preventing you from immediately shooting again.

That’s pretty much the best you can do.


Her AA cannon ((if you’re accurate)) has some of the highest dps in the game. If you can consistently hit the kraken with it, you can contribute to the team. If you see the kraken getting low to the ground with aggressive sneak pounce play, feel free to leap/plasma lance him. While she’s not as fluid or punishing as say Parnell/Hyde/Torvald, she’s very high consistency.

However, if you don’t main her, please pick something else vs Kraken :anguished:


Torvald and Hyde are arguably better against kraken for various/different reasons IMO (Torvald edging out over Hyde, when played at a high level- Otherwise hyde is the safe pick)-


Lennox, played right, IMO- Is nothing to scoff at. That AA gun is capable of 225 DPS- And can fire for 1/3 the dome. Its accuracy is comparable to hydes mini gun- But does way more dps, for longer intervals, with a comparable reload. How good she is or isnt will depend largely on your accuracy and positioning.

Basically, stay on that AA gun. Its not an anti air cannon for nothing.


Lennox certainly can bring the hurt to a good Kraken, but you’ll be relying on her Auto-Cannon far more than either of her other tools.

Though, you’ll be an incredible Lennox player when you’re capable of hitting an airbourne Kraken with Thunder Strike. Seriously, nothing makes me grin a bigger shit-eating grin then pulling that off.


It’s an amazing ability


just what i was gonna say


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