Lennox vs Flyers


Something needs to be done with this Hunter vs Flyers - his secondary barely scratches the monsters armor making her a liability. For a supposed autocannon that fires explosive AA flak - it fails at its role of Anti-Air.


How so? Lennox’s AA Cannon has always felt good against flying monsters to me. When playing with an accurate Lennox who can hit with it the damage is consistent and constant and pretty decent.


I thought Lenny was a woman?



He probably just made a typo on the first one.


The point is I don’t want to see lennox to be reverted to her old state where you were never safe from her no matter where you were.


Does very little damage - every game the best I’ve seen was 5 armor bars removed from the Lennox player. So I decided to to test it myself even with a full dome it’s very difficult to remove the creatures armor. And in this game if you fail to deliver enough damage to the creature’s health in phase 1 and 2, the creature wipes the entire party with very little effort.


I have no idea what her previous state was - I’m here to beta test and provide feedback.


Well, to be honest I sort of agree that flying monsters can mitigate too much damage. I mean, Kraken can do arguably the best or second best bust damage in the game from 70m in the sky. Other monsters have to be down there at the mercy of everything.

But I think the autocannon is the best anti air weapon in the game.


I’d often wondered how Lennox would’ve felt previously if her AA gun was converted from bullets to explosives- giving them a very small (meter or so) explosive/detection range.

Really make her AA gun fell like an AA gun and help make her more consistent against kraken

That said her aa gun is nothing to scoff at either. Fired accurately it’s one of the highest sustained dps guns in the game. I just thought it might help even the field between low and high level players. Make kraken seem like less of a “hard counter” to Lennox for most Lennox players without dialing her back much at the top end.


People underestimate how much reach her plasma lance has. Unless he’s way up and you’re way down you can reach a Kraken with it.


Oh that part was comical until we lost - if only she thought she could like the cho cho train.



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For those interested, this was announced for next tuesday’s patch:


You’re a wizard, Sideways?


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Yes, just-Sideways is a wizard.


Trade off for the autocannon is no more head shots, but way better against units.


Yeah it’s really dumb currently how it’s blind pick, and if you have Bucket and Lennox and wind up against a Kraken, you just lose.

She should really get a slight nerf to her Plasma Lance and a significant buff to her autocannon. Like double damage against Monsters that are in the air. Or heck, triple. Its damage is so awful compared to the usual output you get from an assault.

Either Lennox needs some reworking to not dumpster Goliath and Gorgon while being useless against either Kraken, or it needs to not be blind pick where you win/lose due to luck over who picks what.


I still believe explosive rounds are the way to go with her. Most people just aren’t satisfied because when they think of an AA gun, they think of explosive flak. Also, a lot of people use the argument that with good accuracy, she’s excellent. Now that’s all well and good, except most people don’t really want to have to tryhard and be a fucking marksman just to do the job of their class, just because the monster chose Kraken. That’s not fun. Sure she’s effective, but against Kraken she’s not fun.

He already has so many things that make him toxic by himself, you don’t want to exacerbate that by making him almost impossible to deal with for normal players simply because of assault choice. I feel that Hyde suffers from the same problem, though with him I feel a small range buff on his flamethrower would be enough.


No matter how it “feels”, the problem is a lack of DPS.


The DPS is there, you just have to have impeccable aim and timing with the lance/thunderstrike.