Lennox the best Assault, if played correctly. Right?

In my honest opinion, Lennox is the best Assault character. Her dps and burst damage are un-matched, only to that of Parnell on Super Soldier, and her added benefit of taking less knock back allows you to stay in the Monster’s face all day. True, she does have trouble against Kraken but that easily gets fixed with practice. I might be alone on this but I want others opinion on this. Am I right, or completely stupid for saying this?

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Torvald is a pretty amazing assault because he can zone the monster with his mortars amazingly well if he knows how to use them.



Hey now, that’s also calculating damage to wildlife. I also don’t get information on what monster was being played. It could’ve easily been a quick strike stage 3 Behemoth who kept getting amor till death.

It was. And there’s very little wildlife in Arena. Most, if not all of that was to the Behemoth.

Her damage is pretty good if she doesn’t get hit but torvald can

granted that was with a damage amp but it was a cabot with reload speed. Most monsters panic after getting hit by one good mortar strike. Less so against Parnell or Lennox so basically remove the damage done to the health bar and thats what torvald did.

You also played arena, which means you had to go through 22,000 health each time along with 13,000 armor so…

Yeah. I already said it was Arena. It’s not fair to say that only damage done in modes besides Arena matters.

Yeah, arena matters, but misrepresents actual damage.

That looks like actual damage to me.

Why don’t you throw Lennox into a PUB arena match with a Val, Cabot, and Maggie like me against a Behemoth that flees till three and tell me if the damage compares.

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You’re all wrong. ALL ASSAULTS are the best if played correctly.
They got their sweet spots and are bad in other situations.


That’s true, but this is just my opinion.

Alright then.

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Could you share the video link with me again?
I’ve seen it once, but can’t find it anymore. Thx


Just posting a picture with big numbers doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve seen Markov get upwards of sixty-thousand damage with the lightning gun alone on monsters who only engaged at stage three and continued running away for armor. It also doesn’t represent a counter or compliment to Shunty’s argument that Lennox’ burst damage/dps are unmatched.

All the numbers show are the end result of a match without displaying any relevant information such as mode, monster fought, round times, perks chosen, team comp, etc. Big numbers just don’t mean anything. Literally any character can get ridiculous numbers like that under the right circumstances.


I honestly think that Lennox is the best assault. No one else scares me more than Lennox when playing as monster. I think shes the best because:

  1. Her plasma Lance by itself is the best damage dealing weapon in the game when its maxed damage multiplier, and even more deadly with Cabot’s damage amp. that shit takes out my armor in four hits if im not watching my armor/ health bar in combat.
  2. Thunder-strike: it has a pretty small AOE but when it lands on the monster, easily wiping out a bar of health/armor plus putting her in range for her lance, if reload speed is picked as perk, fitting those in when you can will devastate any monster
  3. her auto turret… (is it called an auto turret? ive been focusing on monster lately so i don’t remember) regardless, her gun is powerful, sounds powerful, even a new hunter with lennox can easily take out armor on a decent monster with that gun and is by far the best gun of any assault both close and long range.

Now here are the reasons why I dont think lennox is that great of an assault:

  1. the damage multiplier on the lance resets with each hit. Don’t get me wrong, that’s amazing for balance and I love that as I play with monster, but playing as a hunter, its so frustrating when you’re trying to stay out of hit range from the monster and it still resets when you don’t even get touched. Also, it resets even with the personal shield, Again coming from the hunter POV, it gets frustrating cause its supposed to reset when taking damage but with the personal shield? it shouldn’t be resetting???
  2. her gun: difficult to keep the aim on the monster, especially when the monster is moving around a ton or if its a kraken in the air just juking you going left right up down, sneaking to go down faster and hitting you with its vortex ability
  3. The Thunder-Strike doesnt have that much distance.

I was playing in a party a few weeks ago, there were six of us so i went into observer mode to give other players a chance to play as monster, the assault and the trapper happened to be new to the game and I witnessed the assault with lennox do nothing but gun damage to the monster and taking out its armor within 20 seconds-ish? the monster was moving around a shit ton and was playing as Goliath. Naturally the new assault would often stray from the hunters and would sometimes find the monster on its own, both times the assault encountered the Goliath in that game ended up wiping out its armor and about a bar of health-i think it was less, half a bar sounds better- both times before the trapper showed up and trapped it in.
I haven’t don’t that much parties like that but I think I have reason to believe that even an armature can be a good lennox.

I wrote this in between classes, as of this point i give up trying to explain thing so make what you will of it

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47 seconds and behemoth’s entire armor + health was burned. I watch a video like this and don’t understand how some ppl can have the balls to criticize monster players who flee till 3.

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You can solve the TS distance problem by doin it in the air. Or at least it gives the illusion of more distance, im not sure if conservation of momentum is involved.

Lennox is great for chasing because TS is almost an extra jp burst.

Also if that lennox was miles ahead of you, she may not have been an amateur. Couldve been a veteran with tunnel vision trying to stop feeding.

Or say cabot sucks.

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