Lennox Suggestion


As it stands, Lennox is a formidable foe for Goliath and Behemoth, but she suffers against Wraith, Kraken, and Gorgon. The reason for this being that she is the only Assault whose main weapon is more or less useless against a target who doesn’t have to stay close to the hunters for extended periods of time.

The exception to this rule is Parnell. The difference, however, is that he has a rocket launcher which explodes within a certain area around the target. Lennox has to rely on her secondary almost exclusively when fighting the other three monsters, which is jerky and difficult to control effectively.

So, I think a simple way to make Lennox more viable against more than Goliath/Behemoth would be to convert her anti-aircraft cannon damage from normal bullets into explosive damage, akin to Sunny’s mininuke launcher or Hyde’s gas grenades. To balance the more reliable damage output, I would suggest lowering it by a small amount.

  1. Lennox has the most reliable secondary of all Assaults.

  2. She’s not bad at all against those three.


I disagree with that completely. Would you call Markov’s secondary reliable? Because the only difference between her AA gun and Markov’s assault rifle is the increased damage. And while it might be the most damaging of secondary weapons, it is still a secondary weapon with a spread pattern that relies on hitting a large amount of small projectiles. Parnell doesn’t suffer nearly as much from fighting the other three monsters because at least with him you don’t have to have pinpoint accuracy on a strafing target to deal reasonable damage.


Isn’t Lennox’s AA Gun A LOT more accurate than most (if not all) other Assault secondaries in the game?

Lennox DEFINITELY has one of, if not the best secondary.


I’m not sure about actual stats, but I wouldn’t think so. The only one I can think of that’s objectively worse is Hyde’s minigun because of the abhorrent spread and pitiful damage. Markov’s assault rifle seems about the same accuracy wise, Parnell has rockets, and Torvald has his shotgun. (I’m aware that mortars are technically the secondary, but that’s not how it works ingame >.>)

And, while not actually worse than the other secondaries, that’s not my point. She relies on that secondary to even do damage at all for the most part, as her lance and thunderstrike require the monster to be quite close to deal any damage whatsoever. Every other assault is not bound by the same constraints, save for Parnell. Markov has a lightning gun with considerable range, Hyde has both a flamethrower and a toxic grenade that explodes in proximity, and Torvald can hit weak spots with his shotgun in between predicting mortar barrages. That’s why I’m suggesting the change.


:neutral_face: She was designed around Gorgon and doesn’t suffer from him. That secondary of hers work extremely well a constantly moving Gorgon. (AA Gun if I remember correctly)


Eh, I would say she’s alright against a Gorgon at best. When a Gorgon is constantly wallpouncing and traversing around, it’s nearly impossible to get good damage in with the lance/thunderstrike. And while the AA gun does good damage, it still makes her suffer on the whole because of the way its basic mechanics work. She’s relying more or less solely on a secondary which has spread and a ‘meh’ fire rate against a monster which is rarely remaining relatively still.


Well, her unneeded nerfs notwithstanding, I’d argue one of the only real buffs Lennox could do with is having some hyper armour put on Thunderstrike.


I’d have to agree with you on the Wraith and Kraken.
The bullets just fly too slowly for me so no matter how good I am at tracing a Kraken’s head I’m going to have to lead the shot, and some Kraken and Wraith players make that impossible.


Parnell’s rockets outshine the AA gun imo. They are fast, quick burst damage, have AoE explosion, and aren’t unusable for 4 seconds if you decide to switch or thunderstrike.


Yeah in the micropatch thread the Squirrel with the fancy sauce said they buffed his rockets ( a few patches or so back which why damage reduction is coming for them and he sits at about a 55% win rate) That’s the only reason his seems to be better than the AA gun.


I’m not asking for a buff, in my opinion. I’m asking for a slight rework to allow her to fight Kraken, Wraith, and Gorgon on a similar level to the other, safer Assault picks. In exchange for reliability, I think the exemplary level of damage on the AA gun could be pulled back somewhat.


I disagree as well. Her AA gun is beast against those monsters. And she is able to keep up constant damage due to her extremely large magazine size.


Oh I’m sure she does phenomenal damage against a Kraken that floats in one place and lets the assault nail headshots.


The bullet travel time is what kills the AA gun against the 3 Monsters you mentioned. Makes it far too difficult to use compared to the average reward you’re gonna get at best.


I definitely think that takes a toll on her effectiveness, but I also think that just the general idea of shooting a machinegun at a quickly moving target with no discernible pattern prevents her from doing acceptable damage in comparison to the other assaults.


Lol. I wouldn’t know I’ve never fought a monster that stands still. I lead them and land a majority of head shots.


I believe the assault rifle is very accurate, probably a bit more than Autocannon.


So much hate for the thread … calm down guys

Take a deep breath :innocent:. No need to attack anyone’s opinion

I disagree about the thread but in all honestly … Parnell / Hyde / Torvalds outperform Lennox

Markov is getting higher range by 10% on LG … and about 10% of additional damage to mines

Blitz Markov is getting higher range on LG

It may let Lennox at the bottom

Don’t get me wrong … she is reliable assault but not as good as the others

I rarely see Lennox in assault spot in Ranked …


AA gun has a max spread value of 6, the AR has 4. The AR is notably more accurate.


@GentlemanSquirl What do you think about this?