Lennox Strategy, Tips and Advice Thread


Please use this topic to discuss strategy, tips and advice regarding our newest member of the assault family.

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Stage 2: Lennox Strategy, Tips and Advice

Step 1: Punch the monster
Step 2-
wait… She’s not even out.
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On topic, try to coordinate the fighting with your Medic and Support so they can act as decoys to get your multiplier up.

Oh, and jump into rocks if you know you’ll survive the impact. You don’t get stunlocked, but your medic does.


I’m actually gonna leave this here too, because despite being indirect advice to Lennox, it’s still good advice for any assault.



I feel that having the ability to leap smash with her is going to make her clutch at intercepting ‘enemy fire’. (Rocks, abducts etc…) I also feel that this is going to force the meta where monsters focus Assaults more. Assaults are pretty flimsy and I’ve been saying for ages that their biggest strength is that they ‘could’ shield. Once they shield, wait a bit and then once it wears off down them hard. They are usually too far away from their Support/Medic and you can down them just as fast as anyone else. Obviously, certain team setups/domes/engagements don’t allow this.


Step 1 : Let your teammates tank all the monster attacks
Step 2 : Get that 4x multiplier
Step 3 : 1v1 that monster because your teammates all got killed by those giant rocks you didn’t catch


Step 1: download massive update
Step 2: download Season pass 2 and Lennox
Step 3: smack monsters with whip and pretend to be a goliath


Shoot the kraken out of the skies. Shoot the wraith because running after her is to slow. Lol at behemoth and goliath will be cool :slight_smile:


I might’ve instantly derailed this thread and now I feel really bad because that wasn’t my intention.
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Well atm we have to goof around because we don’t have her yet :wink:


I’ll expand onto this because my mind just went wild about all the possibilities.

Coordinating with your trapper will be a necessity on Lenny vs. Kraken matches. Not even Sunny can keep her close enough to the thing with her multiplier going up. Just not enough capacity. Sou you’ll have to coordinate down short timeframes to whip instead.

Behemoth has long ability animations. So get up close and dodge only when they happen. you’re sure to keep a multiplier going, even if it might not be as high when Bob players get smart.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT rely on the Torch when it comes to Wraiths. Those sneaky bastards will just warp out or keep negating your multiplier. Better off shooting it instead, then going for a leap smash as the player uses SN.


step one: conserve your jetpack
step two: dont always go with the punches her switch to your other gun its accurate and does lots of damage with headshots
step three: use the leap smash ability to block projectiles from the monster or get that extra boost to get close to that montser booty and slap it slap it good
step four:try to get elavation before using your leap smash ability might give extra damage and range
step five learn the range of monster meleeso you can block attacks from the monster and get the best use out of your thunder whip
and lastly step six: learn how long it takes for the thunder whip to deplete its boost


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lol that just put the first smile on my face all day becuase i wont be here tommorow becuase i have to go on a trip and wont be here to play it. kill me!!!


protip: hold down fire with the AA gun or it will just do a weird rumble instead of shooting


I can reassure anyone after using Lennox that not only does her AA gun take advantage of headshots but has extremely good damage for a ranged Assault weapon.

If you have good aim RIP Kraken; it is that good of a weapon.


Her AA gun is amazing against the Kraken and Wraith. The Plasma Lance is very easy to negate but it does pretty decent damage once the multipliers add up. Behemoth and Kraken both have long ability animations so the lance is great against them.