Lennox: So many good perks to choose from, anything you like?

All the parks seem to be really good for Lenny except for Extended Mag. I just can’t choose which one to use.

Ive only gotten to use reload speed so far… It’s kinda my go to. 0.o


jetpack boost. Let’s me keep close, get high (if it’s kraken), and jetpack dodge + LS = A real Goliath leap smash.


I tried Reload.I couldn’t find a difference on my punching.

Can some1 confirm 100% that with reload perk you punch faster?

Also Capacity is worthless(I think?)

And as far as i’m concerned Jetpack and Jump Height is the go to perks especially against Kraken.But even against other monsters.If Goliath jumps 1 time then you need to get close or else the timer will go off

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Being that I’ve only used reload speed I’m not sure what its like using a different perk… Seems to help with my lightning strike cool down

I’d like the perk known as “being able to play her” :stuck_out_tongue:


She’s one of the easiest assaults to play imo Quirkles :smile:
Ohhh wait… I get it ;-; I’m sorry

Reload affects anything with a clip, so it shouldn’t effect the whip, same reason it doesn’t change Abes Stasis grenades

#Poor peep probs

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So…what’s the point of playing Reload besides the Leap Smash she has? :slight_smile:

AA gun and Leap Smash are both powerful, I suppose reload would unleash AntiAir Justice upon Karken

Didn’t notice any faster attack, either.

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But what does leap punch have to do with Kraken?

I mean i can’t aim it on the Air and go punch a flying Kraken.

Aftershock punishment

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I can’t buy Lennox you pleb, how do I buy an Xbone+A copy of evole. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would you want to?

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Honestly not worth at all imo.

Better get jetpack recharge and when its full fly and damage with plasma.When not AA rifle.By the time that HUGE clip reloads your jetpack will be back to go with the plasma.

So bottom line, if the punches are not affected by reload, i would suggest not playing with reload.But anyway thats my personal opinion.

Also Quirkly gimme your steam acc.If ESL pays me today i can give you Lennox.

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Reload speed is awesome, I even kept forgetting I had the shield recharged!