Lennox nerfs unwarranted


What was TRS thinking? Honestly, she was really balanced as it is and now its going to seem like she is one of the weaker assaults. The least they could have done is nerf the damage but increase the time it takes before she loses it. It is so easy to lose the 4x damage since she has to be so close.

Why have you nerfed Lennox?

@moderators discussion thread?


I agree the nerfs seem uncalled for


I think the discussion is ok as long as everyone keeps a respectful tone to eachother and the developers.


I don’t see why Lennox was nerfed. While she did have the highest and fastest burst potential of all the assaults, it was easily countered by the monster smacking you every once in a while, thus rendering her damage severely neutered.


I’m sorry guys i ruined it for all of us…

They told me I was doing to much damage and to chill out or I’d get nerfed

Seriously though… The amount of damage taken off is tiny at best probably has to do more with nerfing her synergy with Cabot and Kala as opposed to how much damage she actually does


You need to think of it as the Kala Effect. The damage you could do straight to health would be ridiculous. Rough numbers before the nerf: 1,200 to 1,360 damage just with the Lance 1,500 to 1,600 damage with the Lance and Thunderstrike. Bye health bars!


Can people just wait? Yes, it seems big. It may cause issues. But can you people just hold out onto we get some good numbers to justify this nerf? As Crowdalra said, the issues that could spawn with the Armor Reducer would be some pretty big problems. Any way, my 2 cents.


Except those problems are easily countered. She has the POTENTIAL to be powerful, but if you just do the ever so hard taks of turning, smacking after a x3 or x2 and go ack to hard focusing, she has little damage output.

ech, all I know is that as a meh monster player I’ve never had an encounter with a good lennox that has actually scared me like a good torvald has.


True but a decent monster player will at least smack her once to just stop the string. I know you can use the damage perk to counter it but I loved using the running perk or jetpack in case the monster would move a lot considering you only get 3 seconds before you lose it. 3 seconds.


Or just hopping away


Nah, that’s allowing her to break your focus, you quickly smack her and continue focusing, takes a bit less than a second or a second at most. Easy as can be, now she has to get all the way back to x3 before you smack her again.

Torvald you have to gtfo of dodge or take massive damage. one or the other, thus breaking your focus, lennox you smack and continue to focus and get the down. no problem

IF the monster lets you she can do massive damage in a short period of time, but that’s a really big ‘if’.


Oh, 3secs? Let me update you then: 2,000 to 2,200 damage just with the Lance, 2,400 to 2,550 with Thunderstrike and Lance. Seem a little ridiculous?


As I said, a decent monster will hit her or move. Do you just let a Lennox stand there and hit you? Pretty sure that’s a no.


Yea bit I’m saying jumping away far enough will break the plasma combo. I am not saying this if u plan on focusing her


I would have been perfectly fine with the change if she got a range buff (12.5 m) in return. But like this? I mean, depending on the damage chart, she was even behind Markov.
Maybe this wasnt all of the patchnotes?


No, but I play Lennox at an invite high level. I stay at max distance, 11.5 meters and deal damage from there.


Nah, the point is that if you leap away during focus of another hunter, she did her job of saving the hunter. It’s better to smack her wich barely breaks your focus and then continue to focus than to break it entirely.


I meant just to stop her combo and not if u were like focusing on any other hunter


Ah, then yea, bouncing away from her would work but that applies for all assaults really.