Lennox Multiplier


So something I’ve recently realized, with the last patch in Evolve, Lennox was given a nerf, likely due to the fact that the armor reducer has been brought into existence but that’s besides the point.

With this nerf came a UI bug that never crossed my mind until now:

###:warning: Obtaining Picture Now, Hold Thine Horses :warning:

This bug causes Lennox’s Plasma Lance to show up as a 3.6x multiplier despite being at the 4x marker, now viewing the patch notes from patch 8.0 is as follows:

Now, I’m not a mathematician, nor do I know math, but last I checked 90 x 4 is 360. That is still a 4x multiplier, not a 3.6x multiplier.

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I’m crazy, turns out it does show up properly, thread close, I’m a crazy person.