Lennox Leap Smash


Just a general quick question. I didn’t see this anywhere in the forum posts. If it’s there already, my bad.

How much damage does one of her smashes do ?


600 atm but why is that importand?


Just asking.


Well, it seems like the question is answered, do you mind if I close the thread now?


you just like closing threads and the feeling of power it gives you don’t you?


People get curious. ^.^

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It has been answered but other people may still have the exact answer


It’s not like I close threads just for closing them. Leaders close threads when it’s necessary or when the user ask us to close it :smile:


It’s a question thread. Once the question has been answered, the thread is able to be closed…

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I don’t believe it, I think you’re drunk with the power of being a leader :wink: (yes I was kidding lol)

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Sure. Close it up nearly sir.

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I hope you’re kidding, but again, the question is answered :smile:

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