Lennox is currently AVAILABLE for ESL Play

During today’s (and actually yesterdays) Lennox is available for Competitive Play. This may not have been intended, however due to the wording in the ESL rules, Lennox was technically never disabled in ESL play.

Here is the rules on Hunter picks currently:

All Support, Assault, Trapper, Medic (DLC Content allowed)

So, to all the teams, ENJOY LENNOX! For anyone hoping to see some Lennox competitive play, your chance will be during the Go4Evolve cup today, starting at 16:00 GMT.

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I wouldnt expect Lennox to be banned either. She isnt OP as people claim she is and to be honest I think she is a noob eater nothing more. Her being available in ESL wont affect much but will be fun to watch!


I totally agree, and so do most of the community according to the ‘Lennox Balanced: Poll’ Thread, with 80% + People voting for Lennox balanced. But, she is so much more fun to watch :smiley:


Honestly, I think it will still just be a Hyde/Caira/Hank/Abe fest, regardless.

I wanna see more Laz/Hank/Maggie/Hyde combos :smiley:

But alas it is but a dream :waning_crescent_moon:

What this means is that Hyde/Caira/Hank/Abe are the standards that all of the other Hunters in that class need to be buffed to.

Kraken is what all of the Monsters need to be buffed to.

I saw this just now and thought “Oh CRAP! It’s 16:15 right now! Why didn’t I get told aegis is live!” … Then I remembered, we’re in BST right now… OTL

pretty sure the one team to pull out lennox lost lol.

Not really surprised about that. I don’t think she’ll be working out anyhow great in comps.

Like 3 times Lennox was played.

I played Lennox in the tie-breaker against Legendary’s Goliath.

We lost with monster having 5 hp left :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem is, when the monster wants to run around the dome and not take damage, he wont.You can’t do much with Lennox.But when the monster is fighting i can melt his life.

oh god that was a great match lolol. if griffin just jetpacked straight up for the 1v1 you guys would have won that!

instead he kited back and got pounced around the corner.

Too much things went wrong there :stuck_out_tongue:

Support out of position

Me not doing 1 last hit because i thought i have Thunder Strike but it was on CD

Trapper could have dodged better the sneak attack.

But still i don’t care much.It was practice with Lennox for me.I think she is good but she will deal the most damage when the monster is Stage 3.If the monster wants to run in the dome, Lenny can’t do much except from the AA gun

I thot you were going for swag and trying to wait for it XD. that would have been the best ending of all esl matches of all time.

Hehe no that wasn’t the case :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway gonna do some more scrims now against Source with Lennox.I’ll have a better opinion after it.

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