Lennox hitting through wall and fusion plant relay

last night i was playing against a lennox that was hitting me with her plasma lance/whip through a wall. Also can you fix the fusion plant relay? Everytime i go and hit it with behemoth it makes him go into the falling animation so trying to hit the relay is hard.

The hitting trough walls thing is actually a mechanic…


What~ :0. Thats crazy >.>


Here’s an example of a modern day plasma cutter:

Now fast forward about about 300 years and let Lennox, a masterful engineer, tinker with it and turn it into a weapon. I can personally imagine it punching through walls.

Now the fact that there are no holes in the walls is pretty weird. I’m gonna have to go with magic being the reason for that.

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Same as railgun, but only within 10 meters range.

Ok ok. Now that thats out the way there is still the relay that bothers me.