Lennox Discussion

She looks so unbelievably amazing! Much better than what I was expecting. And there’s finally a melee weapon of sorts in game! Unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the other hunters and the weird looking spider monster.

@Niaccushi Edit: For those looking for some quick info on what Lennox brings to the table

Lennox, the new Assault

** Released 23rd June **


  • Personal Shield (Assault specific ability)
  • Plasma Whip (short range melee style attack, multiple successful attacks increases damage multiplier for the whip damage, cancelled by missing attacks, taking too long between attacks, or getting hit)
  • Auto cannon (ranged consistent damage automatic weapon, similar to minigun I guess)
  • Thunder Strike (Powered “dash” to land an AoE ground smash, kind of like Leap Smash for a hunter)

Special extra: Lennox can’t be “knocked back” by monster abilities. <-- specifics to come on how this works


For now please use:

This is now the official discussion for discussing Lennox only, as a character. Knock yourselves out.

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Plasma Whip OP

:smiling_imp: leave now

Eh i dont like her design and the plasma lance couldve came out a little better but its all good, hopefully we get more cool characters in t5 like hyde, hes cool lol :wink:

So Lennox is out on that date? Niiice

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I noticed you can use that ‘leap smash’ in the air. Should be a great character for jukes.

I can finally be monster when I play with my friends.
Thanks TRS ^.^
Now I just need to find some money…


I am so hyped. I play Assault so this’ll be a nice change of pace on my day off next week. Punchin’ Monsters 'round Shear…


I wish it was more of a rapid punching barrage with no multiplier rather than
i love assault but ill probably get bored of her in a day.
Love the new features though maybe the medic will create healing stations that require a button input, faster the input more health u gain lol

Well I can already see kraken and wraith being counter picks to lennox. Since she can’t be KB’ed at all that will leave her open to bait punishes of her shield. And since her whip dmg multiplier requires to constantly hit with seversal weaknesses…yeah she doesn’t seem very good against kraken or wraith. Of course using her ground smash as a traversal could prove useful I think.

I like the suit…just not the old hag… :confused:

The auto canon…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure what to think about it, looks accurate to say the least.

I think the no knock back is going to be interesting seeing as there are abilities based off of knocking hunters around to break los with the medic or support. It looks like she might play very well with Hank(maybe Sunny) and potentially Val as well.

Not surprised with the loadout of Lennox, since people were asking for a melee oriented Assault.

The plasma attack looks extremely effective against Goliath and Behemoth, but extremely useless or hard to use against Kraken and Wraith.

The autocannon looks like it’ll be one of the few ranged Assault weapons that will actually be threatening.


Will she be able to revive hunters uncontested since she can’t be knocked back?


If you take damage the revive process gets cancelled, not whether if you’re knocked back or not.

She takes less knockback, not none at all

Soooo, just taking a quick look at it… Do the Dev’s not want to create an anti-Kraken assault? I mean, the AA styled gun is great, but would you be able to code something in there for anti-airborne monsters? Added damage to monsters flying, ie: Kraken, Sky Wraith. Don’t get me wrong, i’m super excited to play. My main assault is Hyde, only because of the up close an personal play style…so this will suit me well. Yet, Kraken is the bain of most player’s lives. Maybe cause i’m always doing pick up groups, so it’s never fully organized… But whatev’s…dems the ropes of playing.