Lennox damage perk bugged


With the damage perk the combo multiplier only goes to 3.6x. It seems that with the damage perk she does 10% less rather than 10% more. Hello jet pack recharge =]


What platform are you on?



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Are you sure the enemy wasn’t using damage resist?
The 10% increase shouldn’t factor into the multiplier as the 10% ups the base damage, not the actual multiplier.
However, Damage Resist will change the multiplier percentage seen


I haven’t considered that possibility. I have gotten 4.4x with Her before however so maybe something else is wrong


I’ve occasionally noticed this too (on xbox). I just thought they had made a minor adjustment to her damage, but maybe that was an incorrect assumption. I never run damage bonus either, so there isn’t a bug with the perk.


I like reload for faster shields and jumping around sometimes
Buuuuut quickswitch is cool too.
Also, that’s pretty peculiar. I could check it out on PC if nobody knows about it there, just to make sure.


I’m fairly certain Lennox’s multiplier IS a base damage increase, not a normal multiplier.