Lennox damage numbers and multiplier inconsistencies


The damage numbers say Lennox’s lance does 150 damage without any offensive perks, which goes up to 300 damage as you fill your 4 boxes, the first being filled automatically on your first punch and the following ones increasing your damage by 33% up to a 100% (rounded up by the game) damage increase.
However, as you can see, the multiplier does not add up, showing a 4.0x damage increase, which would imply either one or both of these values are incorrect.

In the examples posted under, the monster had damage reduction perk, but it still shows the value inconsistencies.

And an extra screenshot of the 5th punch, just incase anyone might suggest there is a 5th invisble box.


@Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl


this could be the monster taking DR…

EDIT: read more. I don’t see any inconsistencies. It just looks like DR.



I am aware of the monster picking damage resistance, I made that clear.
Yet, this does not change the fact that 144*1.9 is not 192 which the numbers claim, but 274 (rounded up).
I believe, and I welcome both of you to show to me otherwise, that assuming the monster didn’t pick damage resistance the base damage would show 150 and on the second hit the damage would be 200 and the multiplier 2.0x, which would be incorrect as it should have been 300.


The multiplers have been incorrect for Lennox since 8.1

I assume UI is working on it

Lennox goes 150 200 250 300

So it should be 1.33x 1.66x 2x


That is exactly what I said, it’s what this thread is about.
I did not know this was a pre-stage 2 bug however, but doesn’t affect the validity of the report.

Did I clear up your confusion about damage reduction perk?


Oh. I had no idea lol.


I’ll talk with the ui team about this to get it fixed, thanks for the report.


Tier 1 perk, Heavy armor, rank 1. 4% damage reduction.

150 x .96 = 144.
200 x .96 = 192
250 x .96 = 240
300 x .96 = 288

The big thing is that the multiplier UI is not correct for lennox anymore. Its not longer 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or even the 1.9, 2.9, etc. It just goes up by 50 a stack now- And to my knowledge, that multiplier was never updated properly- So youre correct there completely. The damage numbers youre actually getting/seeing are correct- But they definitely need to update that UI under the monsters health