Lennox can punch through arena

… guess this is also ok and intended.

care to elaborate just a little? Not really sure what you mean by “pounce through” ?

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Is this a big deal?
I didn’t know this was a big deal.

What do you mean by “pounce through arena” ?

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Thunderstrike out of a dome?

yeah Im confused as well

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Punch through the dome? Thunderstrike through the dome?

I bet he meant punch, but autocorrect or some such thing made the wrong word pop up.

If that’s the case then this has been addressed already

he definitely could’ve, but ive never seen such a thing. I play lennox all the time and its never happened

Ponce would have been a better autocorrect though.

T5 monster is actually Lennox as well O.o

We’re the monsters, WE’RE THE MONSTERS


You are a monster >.>
I’m gonna stick with humanity O.o
(And be a total badass-of-a-Hunter. + We jump off ships :sunglasses:)

If he did mean punch, and he was sitting at the edge of the dome taunting them, he deserved it.

lol yes punch, sorry guys iphone :smiley:

ok haha now makes a little more sense

Ah ok well this has been addressed. I gave them a video of it.

Fixed the title and changed to bugs. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Lennox is still T5 monster <.<
(gone horribly bad O.O)