Lennox Blocking Rock Throw

Alright, first off, this it NOT a hate thread!
IF anything, it’s an admiration thread…

Seems like I keep getting Lennox-es that are jumping JUST in time to block my rock throw from downing another person.
It’s a DAMN good tactic, and I love/hate it!
I question though, are they doing it on purpose, or just being at the right place/time?
Any Lennox players out there care to weigh in?


I’m an assault player (mainly Hyde) and I tend to tank rocks no matter what assault I play. <3


I do it with all assaults, but Lennox tends to be in better positions more often due to her play style.


“Thank you sir, may I have another?”


Gotta pop your shield though, don’t forget that!

I lol’d
Thank you.

Tank Dat Rock Throw! is a time honored Assault strat passed down through generations of Goliath hunters.

Or you don’t if you have enough health and then shield afterwards while your medic heals you.

I must have been rather fortunate so far, either I haven’t run into very many rock throw absorbing assaults, or they just haven’t been nearly as effective as Lennox, because I never noticed it before.

Lennox can definitely get into position far more quickly than the other assaults though.

If you’re REALLY good, you can start tanking wraith abducts. :wink:

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Yeah but i feel thats more risky, still legit though.

I think the risk purely depends on the scenario. If it is clear that the monster will keep going after the person he intended the rock throw for, there is no real harm.

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Late game. I imagine doing this against a stage 1, perhaps even stage 2 would be very ill-advised (Unless monster is low on health)

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True dat. You could get combo’d though.

If he goes after you afterwards, you put up the shield, simple as that. Or is there something I am missing here?

I was specifically referencing the strategy of getting downed, and then popping the shield.

Hell, as Medic (UNLESS I’m Val) I’ll tank a hit to save my Trapper or Support, if their cloak is out and they’re in danger because I can save myself more easily. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, i understand i’m just stating what could happen. Just wouldn’t risk it imo incase the knockback results in some predicament.

Wait what? Where did you say anything about getting downed? Your original post said:

Which does not imply that you would be downed by the rock throw, but that you would prevent a down by getting hit by a rock throw.

I had assumed by combo’ed, you had ment, combo’ed to death. Like, rock throw into leap smash and I’m pretty sure that you would be able to shield the leapsmash afterwards. What predicament could result from being rock throwed?