Lennox available for Season pass when it was a pre order?

We pre-ordered Evolve and the Hunter Season Pass before it was released and nothing was ever said about it being a season pass “1” or that another season pass would be coming after that. Is Lennox available to us that bought the season pass when we pre-ordered Evolve or are we going to have to spend more money and keep buying season passes?!

Here we go again.

Don’t suppose you tried looking up other threads about this?

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We all knew it was a “hunting season pass” and it only includes the 4th tier and other tiers would come later with different passes.

You got the first Hunting Season, not every Hunting Season. The second Hunting Season was not included and yes, you will have to purchase it.

The first Hunting Season Pass only ever included Slim, Torvald, Sunny, and Crow. It also came with a Magma skin for Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith.


Thank you to those who helped without being mean or smart asses! It’s hard to look this up when your autistic son is having a meltdown over it and you know nothing about it. So sorry I didn’t know and asked a question. How are you suppose to know something if you never ask? That is the first time I have asked a question on here. I won’t make that mistake again.

You signed up for the forum, 4 minutes before you posted this. That? Suspicious.

It is a topic that has been talked about at least 80 times within the past 2 weeks - There are dozens of threads on it, literally all over the forum, and should not have been hard to find the information involved in it.

Not only this, but the pre-order information already states what is included in it.

Have a hug

Lennox is not included in the first pass, unfortunately- as evidenced by its description- so yes, you will need the second pass for her. Or you could purchase her separately for a fraction of the price. :slight_smile: I understand why you made this in a rush if your child was having a meltdown over it and I wish you luck with that.

If you have more questions in future, the searchbar will come in handy. :slight_smile:

I searched Google (multiple sites), checked the thread without having an account, made an account so I could post something because I thought I had to. What’s suspicious about that? And when we got it at GameStop, I went by what they said. The receipt does not have info on what it includes and I wasn’t given a freaking book on it or anything Mr. Mortalbound. Stop being a dick. All I did was ask a question. It doesn’t require a conspiracy to answer or ask. You are just upsetting my son more so please just go be a douche elsewhere. My kid has his answer. I have my answer. I didn’t ask it in a mean way. I just didn’t know.


I’m upsetting your kid? YOur kid is -reading- this?

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Let’s drop it, please.


Close this mockery of a thread, please.

That went for everyone, and was not directed at you. :partly_sunny:

Question answered. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. You can send a Private Message if you prefer.


It’s a shame to hear that Gamestop may have missold you the game, it’s not right that in that kind of environment people take advantage of you not being in a position to check their claims.