Lennox and Sunny


is there a reason sunny has no cd on the shield drone that takes 3 hits to down while allso having one of the best weapons in the game ? i would like to hear toughts on this and about Lennox¨s dmg since i feel its way higher then anything else in the game atm just would like to hear toughts on it i do play them myselv alot but just becurse i feel they outclass the others alot. ps sorry for bad eng

Sunny's Shield Drone; Way too effective

There is a 8 second charge time that it takes before it starts shielding. Monsters could easily negate this ability by just destroying it before it begins shielding.


I think it’s more like seven seconds now, but yes, that is essentially the cooldown for her drone.


yeah but its still 3 hits to take it down tho or a ability, idk i am not complaining but i have seen monsters run around never being able to remove it becurse its just gonna be up right away again


3 hits? Really? could have sworn it was 2 hits and 1 hit with some monsters.


a stage 3 will in 2 a stage 2 in 3 but ofc you can use abilities to remove it btw does lennox reset thing happen when she is shielded by her own defense matrix ?


I have no idea, never played stage 2 lol


Unless ive been oblivious to something monster melee damage is the same across stages (kraken used to be the exception to this, never did see if he still was or not).

It takes 1 heavy + 1 light to down the drone- Or an ability.

Most monsters have 1-2+ abilities that are “utility” abilities. For goliath this is an ability like flame breath, for gorgon is acid, etc. When sunny is there she is THE high priority target- Use these abilities to wipe her drone (And only these abilities, unless you have the chance to hit her and the drone together with 1 ability), saving the other 3 for her.


True, but the drone won’t, for some odd reason, proc a heavy attack. Only way you’ll be 2 hitting a drone is if
A. A hunter is standing next to it.
B. You attack while traversing, because that’ll guarantee a heavy.
Otherwise, it will in fact take 3 melees. Or an ability. Which is honestly the best way.


yeah i feel it shoud be able to be one shotted tho
:Edit or make it just have a cd


The only way you’ll be one-shotting the drone, will be via abilites. Which honestlt isn’t too bad, because any ability (besides spider trap) will kill it, and most aren’t on a long cooldown. For example, fire breath. Burn fire breath, kill the drone, and before you know it, fire breath will be back up again.


Keep forgetting about that damn contextual revision they added recently. Im so used to using a traversal heavy that i forget often that you cant just whack it anymore.

Oh well. Flame breath it is.


I play sunny a lot, and i’ve played against sunny a lot, and I can say this: she’s op. The drone range is very far and there’s no penalty for using it. With an organized team she’s simply unstoppable.


Was literally just getting onto this forum to ask about lennox’s dmg. It seems insane to me. Way too high. One hit seems to be an entire bar, and it can be shot fairly consistently it seems…


If you are referring to Lennox’s plasma lance and damage you are right. It hits really hard up to 15m. That’s the trick. She has to be CLOSE to hit you with it and to get good DPS with the lance she’s gotta hit 2 or 3 times without interruption to really damage the monster. Ignore her and let her tan your backside at your peril.


Fun tidbit: Getting 3 hits as fast as possible with lennox results in 166 dps.


honestly, the shield drone is weak and slow. Hank shield > Sunny’s any day. Its just bad… And it doesn’t shield enough


Lennox damage seems to be really high compared to Stage 1 Evolve.


It hasn’t even been changed, though.

In fact it was nerfed recently.