Lennox and perks


Quick question. Does giving Lennox a damage perk or using masteries multiply that damage too. For example
First Stage: 100
Second: 200
Third: 300
Fourth: 400

If I take a perk or use masteries will it do this?
First: 110
Third: 340
Fourth: 480
Hope someone can help me understand this


I believe it’s only the end damage. So it would be 110, 220, 330 and 440. Masteries change the base, damage increases changes the end output.


Oh ok, ty! I apologize if my “math” seems confusing, just trying to clear this thing up.


No worries :slight_smile:


Does the Reload Speed perk make her Plasma Lance able to hit faster?


Nope. Pretty sure.

A bunch of us tested.


I was curious about that, thank you.


If reload affected Plasma Lance then I can almost guarantee many if not most monster players would cry…in a corner…alone…to think over why Lennox was born…and cry some more…


I was playing Lennox with reload the other day and I could have swore my lance was coming back faster. I could also have been drunk.


Drunk Evolve is best Evolve.

But I highly doubt it. O.o Tested it aaaages ago though…

I’ll try again later. I feel like if my lance was coming back a MASSIVE 35% faster it’d be REALLY noticeable though.


You were probably drunk…on that Lennox love :older_woman:


Preach! Rose Preach!


If you go one RCSRex’s Twitch/Youtube and look up “Drunk Rose things” you’ll see some funny stuff. xD

Like one with me getting frisky with Jim the Tyrant. He didn’t even take me out to dinner first.

We still won.


I’m definitely gonna have to take a look at that LOL .


It’d be interesting if Capacity increase the range or the maximum multiplier for Lennox’s Lance. Capacity, both Perk and Buff, seem useless for Lennox considering it probably only affects her Auto Cannon… and shooting at the Monster for its full standard clip size is a rare thing.


There is only one real way we find out…



All “modifiers” affect the base damage. The multiplier from the lance then uses the modified base damage. It’ll be

Damage perk


Damage buff

No the plasma lance seems unaffected by the perk. This could be because it doesn’t actually have a “reload” or it could be because it has two different “reload” times.

Edit: quick switch might work but I kinda doubt it

With as much damage as she does, yea, I’d agree.

Capacity only affects the autocannon.

As a Lennox player myself, movement increase and jetpack recharge are the best perks. Damage is okay, but movement and jetpack let you keep a higher multiplier more often by increasing your dodging capabilities. Damage is good if your bad at dodging. Lol.


People are telling you no, but I don’t know what they’ve been smoking, because I’m god damn sure I can punch faster with the plasma lance when I have reload speed.


I find jump height to be very effective with Lennox


Lennox is one hunter that took me awhile to figure out what perk I will go to–the one that I landed on is DR–just because as Lennox when you draw aggro you’re going to take a beating, this will just make it a spanking.