Lennox and her fundamental problem. How would you solve it?


I have been playing Lennox all weekend feeling out her change. Her nerf really hasn’t changed the way I play other than be much more focused on the Thunder strike and AA gun as soon as the situation calls for it.

Now with the nerf yes arguments and counter arguments have been thrown around towards the reasoning behind her damage reduction. This thread is not about that but analyzing the fundamental problem with her(maintaining her stacks) and finding a balanced suggestion that can maybe be taken into account by the devs for the upcoming patch. I mean has it really been discussed on how she can be more viable in the competitive scene? I hope this addresses that.

One thing I can say is that she might see her speed reduction when use the PL removed but that is pure speculation based off the context of a post by Gentleman Squirrel.

Hopefully some good things come out of this.


Do you know what would be nice? A range buff. Like a meter or two. 13.5m or 14.5m would be great.


I never considered how making her speed constant might be helpful, but now that I do, that might be what turns her into a lower-risk assault choice. I think it’s worth a chance, at least. Lennox isn’t bad or anything, but she could definitely benefit from a little love


The fundalmental flaw with Lennox is that she’s had nothing but nerfs, none of which she needed.


The point of this is not to discuss past nerfs but rather how she can be more viable at the higher level via her primary and how her mechanics work.


I know, I was trying to be funny. >.>


We’ll have to see how she operates after the next patch, I’d like to see her damage levels reduced on the 2x, 3x, and 4x level with the “reset” of her multiplier going down a single stage each time instead of all the way back to zero.

So she gets 3 hits in on a monster and is now at 4x. She hits for 4x. The monster jumps away and the timer on her mutliplier runs out. Now she’s back to 3x before she catches up to the monster and hits it again (for 3x damage). The monster turns around and hits her once (back down to 3x straight away) and again (down to 2x) before jumping away. Lennox now needs to hit again in the time limit in order to land a 2x hit and put her multiplier back to 3x. She makes a swing and hits taking her to 3x, then swings again and misses taking her back to 2x.

I’d like this as it would make her truly unique in how monsters have to approach her… she’d almost force the monster to either really keep their distance or properly lay some hits in on her to stop her damage. The damage reduction would be because she would obviously find it easier to maintain multipliers in general.

Specifically it would help against Gorgon, Wraith and Kraken who are hard enough to hit on target anyway, let alone within the time limit. It would also be less punishing I feel for newer players who won’t just see crazy 4x damage melting them all the time.

But I’m happy with the range, the rate… I think the AA gun is fine as it is, I’d like to make sure that 100% thunderstrike does the damage it’s meant to (and get her some air control while we’re at it for Goliath :wink: )… but yeah, her only issue is that monsters can basically ignore her for the most part once they know how to move around a dome.


Don’t see how that was meant to be funny but ok.

Anyways one thought I had was why not reasses how missed hits work, maybe like 1 miss only takes away 1 stack but her main timer to reset is shortened meaning more pressure needs to be maintained.

Just a thought.


I think we have to take that nerf into consideration, at least in terms of the reasoning and how we move forward. I believe the most likely reason that she was nerfed is because of how effective she is against bad monsters. Changes to her need to make sure that they don’t buff her much (if any) against bad players, but that also make her more useful to good players.

The main thing I would like to see changed is the hit area of the plasma lance. I think if that cone/cylinder/arc (whatever it is) were thinner (but still had the same reach) then it would require more skill to actually hit with the lance. This would mean that bad Lennox players (the ones that are stacking up damage too quickly against bad monsters) would have a harder time ruining the day of bad monsters, while good players with good accuracy aren’t negatively impacted this change in a meaningful way. I think this could potentially make her damage output plummet at low levels, which I think we need to do.

Then, we could buff the combo damage up instead of lowering it, since it is now more difficult to maintain. This makes her even more of a stage 3 relay fighter. I think this is Lennox’s design. She appears to be the worst assault in the game at applying pressure in the early phases of the game, but one of the best when the stage 3 monster has to fight at the relay. I just think that she isn’t punishing hard enough at stage 3. These changes could solve this problem.


Speaking as a Lennox main assault…I would much rather have the damage toned back but the stacks be easier to maintain and apply pressure in the fight Then making Lennox an even more risky and unappealing pick against quick monster that make up a majority of the roster


Yeah I’m definitely not a fan of the making it harder to hit but stronger to hit thing


Why? I believe it is likely to solve the problem Lennox is facing now.


How though bro

This would murder the ability of lower skill players to use Lennox and punish picking Lennox against a quick monster even more than now (which is pretty bad)… While rewarding us who can hit silly new players who stand still, which would exacerbate the skill gap between me and a bad monster even more.


I think the reality is that what would happen is that bad monsters would get more murdered than they currently do in a mismatch of skill, and then slightly higher than that hunter teams will be absolutely murdered by monsters that have started to learn how to mitigate and keep mobile.

Then you start to throw in monsters like Kraken and Wraith (the former the devs are saying they’re trying to return to a ranged character) and it becomes incredibly hard to maintain any serious damage IMO.

Lennox’s problem is fast monsters that she is unable to keep up with and maintaining enough damage on an assault level for it. Part of that seems like it’ll be solved, however it’s the punishment for missed hits or glancing melee blows that really hurts.


The matchmaking system is designed to ensure that players of the same skill levels play against each other. Good players shouldn’t be playing against bad players. I believe the Lennox nerf happened because the majority of players were dealing too much damage with her. She is very easy to hit with. If she weren’t so easy to hit with, bad players would miss with her more often against bad monsters.


How about reduce the damage Lance but increase it’s range. Increase the damage of Thunderstrike but reduce it’s blast radius. Increase the AA headshot damage and give it a small blast radius. Yes? No?


I actually think Lennox’s fundamental problem is her AA gun vs kraken. I think if they increased the AA gun’s hit box on the kraken this would solve it, possibly by adding in a proximity detonation.

Personally, I think she’s fine vs the other monsters, though I haven’t played her since the nerf so can’t comment on that. I don’t think that was needed, atleast on xbox.


Half of the community plays quickplay so i doubt that balancing is only intended for targeting equally skilled players and not more towards still attempting to close the skill gap between good and bad players

Plus monster being easy to hit? Tell that to a Wriath,Kraken,Gorgon, or any good GOliath who understands how to mitigate Lennox… Much harder easier said than done w/o a sunny to boost mobility

@Crowdalra Thats so many changes at once it would take a couple rounds to decide if that would make Lenny any more effective… Plus thunderstrike and AA have always felt pretty balanced i think PL is the only debateable thing on her because its hard to balance the amount of Risk/Reward Lenny should get


Which is why I suggested those changes. If you really want to do damage you need to get in close. You Thunderstrike in, get good damage but have to be accurate to do so. Back off to max Lance range and pummel from there. Same thing goes for the AA, you have to be accurate to do good damage.


Would be hella funny if Ida could run at normal speed while using the AA gun. Not sure if overpowered or not. She could use a little somethin though.