Lennox adaptation idea - Dreadnought Lennox

I found the magma diver suit looks like dreadnought in 40k an I came up something like this, and once again it is in the mad maz period on shear like Rabe

after multiple fights with monsters Lennox didn’t make it, Jack decided to copy the Lazarus device to revive his mother (since we could assume Lazarus is dead by that time ), however it went wrong and although Lennox is revived, she can no longer exit the suit

1.plasma projector, after heavily damaged by the monsters, the lance can no longer keep its function and became a shotgun that lit up monster with fire, however if charged up it can still form a lance, no longer have the combo counter but instead have part of its damage goes through armor

2.incinerating chain gun, gear left by Hyde, incinedory rounds instead of explosives to fit the DoT theme
3. furious charge, change(jet boosting) instead of leap, goes straight into where the reticle points, can slightly change its direction, less damage but more control

4.Damaged defense matrix, lesser effect but creates an aura that damage the monster since the suit overheats


Based on the tendency… TRS when we can expect this… yet another variation?

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I imagine this as a Big Daddy from Bioshock. Best Assault, EVER!


Yes instead of calling Lennox big Daddy. We should call her big grandma.


I like this idea but it may need some reworks

As a huge 40k player I support this idea even just so I can see a dreadnought grapple with Goliath

i did not think lennox was jacks mother

Smashes through wall

“I have come to destroy you”

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on the topic of warhammer, i want something inspired by skitarii